You've outgrown home and it's time to make it on your own. You'll make your mom and dad proud in the mercenary trade
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!0ZZRIKYVic 2016-09-03 07:50:37 No. 28325962
>You panted slightly, picking up your sword again as the unknown beast roared at you.
>The battle is fierce, but you know you must win.
>No. you WILL win.
>lives depended on you, and you were determined to succeed.
>You yelled as you charged towards the beast, heart pounding.
>You smiled as you hit your mark, the monster’s chest, the creature howling as it stumbled to the ground
>You stood valiantly as you held your sword up high, standing on top of your kill.
>“You… got me.”
>The epic world around you seems to fade as you lower your cardboard sword, looking down at your grinning Earthpony father and dropping on top of him to have a hug.
>The past few years have been the best ever since your parents finally got married and settled down, ending their carrier as mercenaries.
>While you missed the crew very much, you were plenty happy with the new house that your mom and dad got from the Hydra Corporation, one of the more important companies that your parents did plenty of work for.
>Your dad looks to the clock in your room, keeping his smile.
>“Come on Kiddo, your mother and sister have been quiet for too long.”
“Doesn’t that mean that mean that she is sleeping? Mom keeps telling us to be quiet so we don’t wake up RosePedal.”
>“Your sister has napped long enough if anything, come on, it’s about supper time.”
>You get off your dad and leave your room with your dad, putting your fake sword next to your manticore plush before you do.
>As you both go down the stairs, you follow your dad into the living room, the room oddly dark.
>The lights flash on, multiple voices yelling.
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