Your wings hurt, your wife is pregnant, and curses are a very real possibility. You are Hype and this is your quest.
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!xO5EFsiPxo 2016-05-09 06:59:36 No. 27317068
>Your name is Hype
>Well, Hypostome actually. But everyone calls you Hype. It rolls off the tongue better
>How’d you get a name like that? Well you’re a business pony at a mineral company which deals with everything from jewels to fossils
>And the feeding plate of a trilobite is called the hypostome which… you know what, never mind. You got beat up in school once trying to explain it
>Anyway, your entire life had been all about closing deals at work, yet you could never seem to do it with the ladies
>Kind of ironic right?
>But that all changed when you met your best friend Gar
>He helped get you set up on a date with a beautiful unicorn name Raven
>Well actually he saved you from being cursed for life by a beautiful unicorn. Next time you fall for somepony, make sure that they aren’t a psycho gypsy witch first
>But that’s in the past now, because you’re going to be a daddy soon!
>You and Raven had a little accident months ago, and she’s been carrying a foal in her belly ever since
>Not that you’re complaining, you’ve always wanted to be a dad
>No, the problem is that she likes to complain
>You didn’t know how hard it would be to care for a pregnant mare. Should have listen to dad
>She’s always sending you out to get whatever food she’s craving at the moment, giving you an earful if something isn’t right
>You know, the normal pregnancy irritability
>Except most pregnant mares don’t have the ability to curse ponies or send them to another dimension if they’re displeased. But it’s been a few weeks since she’s done that to you!
>The whole relationship may seem kind of messed up, but you love her, you really do! And you know that she loves you back
>Although, she’s not the most pleasant pony to deal with sometimes…
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