A fan-adventure of Anonpone in Humanestria. You are mini-Arrayne and you need to find your horsebando.
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!lilAryHus. 2015-08-31 05:22:18 No. 24520624
This CYOA takes place in the "Anonpone in Humanestria" universe. Whether the timeline is intertwined, who the fuck cares.

In an effort to persuade Greenbean Anonpone into helping him with a thing, Discord spawned a miniature Aryanne.

ITT, we are that Aryanne.

All scenes and links to preveious threads and posts can be found here: http://anonpone.pineapplecomputing.com/intermission


Recap, we:

>Got ditched.
>Crawled into a floor vent.
>Walked through tunnel.
>Grabbed items: Metal Arm Thing, Cheese
>Equipped new items.
>Climbed Vent

Let's see where we go with this.


>You're beginning to reconsider your choice in paths.
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