A fan-adventure of Anonpone in Humanestria. You are mini-Arrayne and you need to find your horsebando.
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2015-10-23 04:53:51 No. 25192278
This is a CYOA that takes place in the "Anonpone in Humanestria” universe. Whether the timeline is intertwined, or this stuff actually happened, who the fuck cares.

In an effort to persuade Greenbean Anonpone into helping him with a thing, Discord spawned a miniature Aryanne.

ITT, we are that Aryanne.



>got came up on a large spiderweb ball.
>trashed it, somewhat
>encounted angry mama spider
>came upon a tiny robot pony
>tiny robot pony gave us a our newest item: The Officer's Armband
>Officer's Armband gave some cool stat boosts that gave us confidence or something, as well as the ability to
>took control of mama spider
>after some pretty dope acrobatics

>spider is now ours

We continue.
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