A Kingdom Hearts/My Little Pony CYOA.
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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-01-04 03:51:57 No. 29194677
>You find yourself falling through an infinite black void, rushing towards a pinpoint of light below.
>you can feel yourself slowing down as you approach it, finally coming to a gentle stop as your feet find purchase on a solid surface.
>As you find your footing there is a burst of light at the center of the large platform and the shadows shrouding its surface are blown away like the dead ashes clogging a long abandoned fireplace by that brief flash of radiance.
>Rubbing the spots from your eyes you take a second look from your surroundings and find yourself standing on what appears to be a huge flat stained glass platform.
>The brilliant purple panes of glass display numerous faces, but what commands your attention is a lavender pony depicted in gentle repose against the backdrop of a quaint home built into the trunk of a large tree.
>before you have time to question the strange circumstances you find yourself in a voice fills your mind leaving the silence of the dark expanse around you unbroken.
「So much to do, so little time…」
「Even less now with how much we’ve been dawdling…」
「Take your time. Don’t be afraid.」
「The door is still shut. Now, step forward. Can you do it?」
>As the voice finishes speaking you follow its instructions stepping forward into the light shining down onto the center of the platform.
> As you step into the light three bright nebulae of pure light flare into existence and just as quickly fade away leaving behind a trio of ornate stone pedestals in their place
>Above each pedestal a weapon floats suspended in space, a sword, a shield, and a staff.
>the voice begins to speak once more, the soundless sound seeming to emanate from each of the weapons before fading away.
「Power sleeps within you…」
「If you give it form…」
「It will give you strength. Choose well」
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