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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-02-18 06:04:03 No. 29512508
“What the hell was that?”
>You ask pointing to the patch of sky that the light vanished into and Dan shrugs in response.
>”Beats me, never seen them do that before.”
>He says nonchalantly as he walks around the pile to the exposed back of the van, the hate in his voice gone as quickly as it had come.
>”Now let’s see if this climb is going to be a total wash.”
>Dan grunts as he pries open the engine compartment.
>He shouts as he reaches in and fiddles with the inner workings of the van before he pulls out a complicated looking piece of machinery.
>”Gentlemen we’ve found our power supply.”
>He says with a grin as he slips the power plant into his pack and grabs one of the heavy yellow canister scattered around the clearing.
>”Grab a canister; we’ll drop em off as we pass the garage on the way to the next site.”
>He grunts as the two of you pick up canisters of your own and follow him down the hill back to the station.
>One uneventful trip later and the three of you are stacking your fresh swag in a corner at the back of the garage.
>”Okay so, we’ve got a couple more places we can try before we need to resort to the crane.”
>Dan says as he pulls out a rough hand drawn map.
>”We have an option to the east and the south of here.”
>Dan says as he points to a couple of crude drawings nearby what looks to be the gas station.
>”Now I recommend we hit the one to the south, It’s a little bit more of a walk but the spot in the east is the closest to the crane so we might see heavier heartless activity there than usual.”
>Dan rubs his goatee in thought as he looks at the map.
>”Any thoughts guys?”

>Where do you want to head next? Feel free to ask questions of Dan before making a choice.

(Obtained Scream Power Plant & Scream Canisters)

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-02-19 03:04:44 No. 29515939
>Dan grabs a bottle of aspirin off of a nearby shelf and pops a couple tabs while you try and make up your mind.
“Well, if we go to the south maybe the keyblade will draw some heartless away from the crane, then we can take them out while the odds are a little more even.”
>You say as you tap the southern circle on the map and Dan nods in agreement.
>”Not a bad plan stretch, if we’re going to do it though we need to hustle. The longer we take between hitting these points and heading for the crane, the more time the Heartless have to regroup.”
>It already looks like Dan is feeling less bothered by the hits he took in the earlier scrap as he turns to head back out into the heap.
“Wait before we go, what did you have in mind for this?”
>You ask as you pull out the wolf’s tear and set it down on the map.
>”I’m not even sure if I have the parts for it here but I think I might be able to rig up some kind of hands free scope for you.
<Dan scratches his head running through a mental inventory of what he has on hand before waving his hands and dismissing the idea.”
>”like I said though, time isn’t on our side. I’ll look into building it when we get everything we need to escape from this sub Detroit hell hole.”
>You and spike nod in agreement and follow Dan back out into the wasteland.
>The three of you make your way further south between stacks of rusted automotive frames that seem to go on for miles in either direction.
>And as you walk a thought occurs to you.
“Hey Dan, I’ve been wondering; how did you survive the end of your world?”
>you ask as the three of you squeeze through a particularly narrow passage and out into a clearing beyond.
>”Probably the same way you did, I got lucky. Or maybe I was just stubborn.”
>Dan grunts tersely as he shields his eyes from the harsh sun as it climbs further into the sky.
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