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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-03-02 06:49:12 No. 29598111
>Despite the persistent eerie feeling it doesn’t take you long to find your first vessel candidate.
>A remarkably intact white Volkswagen beetle with the number 53 painted on the side.
“I don’t know, it’s a little cramped for interstellar travel don’t you think?”
>You ask as you examine the vehicle.
>”Yeah maybe but it’ll be easy to get back to the garage.
>Dan says exasperated clearly looking to get out of here as quickly as possible.
“Fair enough, pop the door open and Spike and I will start pushing.”
>Almost immediately after the three of you get the car rolling things start to go sideways.
>You notice a buzzing sound growing louder as it rushes towards you and then suddenly it simply shuts off.
>That sudden silence is followed immediately by a car crashing to earth directly in your path.
>You barely have time to register the fact that rolling in front of you is a rusted formerly red race car before the horribly loud buzzing resumes again, this time directly overhead.
>You look up just in time to see the crane’s giant electromagnet falling towards the three of you.
>You shout as you dive out of the way.
>Dan and Spike manage to follow suit just in time to avoid the sickening screech of metal on metal as the electromagnet slams down on you would be ride and hauls it off into the sky.
>As the magnet hauls the car away you catch a glimpse of something that defies belief.
>A furious pair of eyes glaring back at you.
>You call your keyblade to your hand as you pick yourself up and watch the magnet drop the bug onto the conveyor-belt before it swings back in your direction.
“Uhhhh I think I know why the heartless were coming here guys... And I don’t think it’s happy we’re here.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrIc_igR7w0 [Embed]

Anon: 42HP 60mp
Spike: 50HP 30 mp
Dan: 30 HP 5 flashbangs and a loaded scrap cannon.

Crusher: 75 HP
Magnet: 75 HP

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-03-04 02:08:25 No. 29605903
“When it gets back I get the distinct impression we should be somewhere else.”
>your eyes dart around looking for something that might give you the upper hand on a giant magnet, but all you find is heaps of worthless junk stacked haphazardly all around you.
>”Then let’s get the fuck out of dodge!”
>Dan shouts taking off down one of the paths twisting through the maze of ruined machinery.
>You and spike take off after him and for a moment you lose sight of the giant scowling magnet hovering over the junk yard.
>That moment however was doomed to come to a swift and violent end.
>”Do you think we l-“
>Spike’s question is drowned out by the droning of a sudden electrical hum as you round the corner and see the magnet swinging towards you like a wrecking ball practically scraping the ground.
“Oh fu-“
>Fortunately the sudden impact of the magnet with your body saves you from swearing in front of spike and donating another bit to Twilight’s swear jar.
>Less fortunately the impact of a couple thousand pounds of steel superstructure lays you out flat on your ass, where you are immediately joined by spike as the lip of the magnet catches him square in the forehead.
>You think surely Dan is about to follow you to the ground but, to your surprise, Dan manages to tap into some previously unrealized well of limbo potential as he bends back at nearly a 90 degree angle and lets the magnet slip by overhead barely scraping his stop sign pauldron as it passes.
>”Oh yeah! Suck my“
>Dan starts to shout as he springs back upright; but apparently, this is going to be one of those fights where no one can finish a complete sentence because as half way through Dan’s taunt the horrible screeching sound of tearing metal comes from the direction of the crusher.
>The sound isn’t the only thing that the crusher produces though.
>the smoke that has been billowing steadily from its location turns jet black laced with crackling streaks of violet energy.
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