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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-03-22 10:37:14 No. 29724894
“Well I’m glad we won’t be inconveniencing you…”
>You say with a smile, nodding as you follow Buzz before his words fully register in your brain.
“Wait what was that about our case?”
>”Your security case naturally.”
>Buzz says causally as you feel a weight form in the pit of your stomach.
>”Normally as unexpected guests you’d be assigned a security officer until we can determine that you aren’t Zerg agents in disguise or some other form of threat, but with the station being on a skeleton crew we only have one security officer and he’s already dealing with another unexpected visitor we had a few days ago. So I volunteered to keep tabs on you boys during your stay.”
>The three of you exchange a glance before Dan speaks up.
>”Well it’s better than being thrown in the spice mines I guess.”
>Buzz laughs slapping the little man on the back as the three of you make your way down the hall with your new babysitter.
>”I knew you boys would be good sports about it.”
>Buzz says wiping a tear from his eye as you make your way into some kind of turbolift.
>”Anyway it’s just a precaution, you boys don’t look like the type to be Zerg spies. Frankly you boys are lucky I’m the one looking after you, since the regulations say I need to stay nearby at all times you’ll be staying up in the officers’ quarters. The usual observation quarters down on the security level aren’t nearly as spacious.
>Buzz says as the lift stops letting the four of you pile out into a gleaming hallway.
>”The three of you can use these rooms during your stay and you can find me over in room 001.”
>Buzz says as he points to rooms 2 through 4 before pointing to his own.
“I imagine you three would like to rest after your ordeal, so I’ll let you get settled in. If you need anything I’ll be in my quarters.”
>Buzz says as his doors open and he leaves the three of you standing in the hall.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-03-23 07:55:23 No. 29730591
>”You know, I kind of want to be mad over the whole implicit house arrest and suspicion of terrorism deal on principle, but this is honestly the cushiest arrest I’ve ever been under so if the food’s decent I think I’m going to let it slide.”
>Dan says breaking the silence just as you were trying to figure out how to get the angry little man to let this go.
“Coming from you that’s actually a remarkably mature position.”
>You say shocked at how well Dan is taking the whole affair.
>”Yeah well, the prospect of an actual meal is a huge factor here and I reserve the right to burn this fucker to the ground if I can’t get a decent sandwich.”
>At the mention of a sandwich there’s a rumbly in Spike’s tumbly and the little dragon pipes up.
>”If you get busted over a sandwich I’m eating your share Dan.”
>he says as he clutches his stomach with a slight wince.
“Well I guess that settles it. First order of business is food.”
>You say walking over and knocking on Buzz’s door, cocking an eyebrow as the door slides open with an unquestionably star trek like swoosh.
>”Is there something I can help you boys with?”
>The lantern jawed space ranger says as he appears in the doorway.
“We were actually wondering where we could snag a bite to eat in this joint. Dan here hasn’t actually eaten anything but canned ravioli for months.”
>You say jabbing a thumb over your shoulder at the jerk behind you.
>”Well, it’s actually the night shift by station time but that shouldn’t be a problem. There’s always at least one LGM up there manning the kitchens”
>Buzz says as he leads the three of you back to the lift.
>”You boys are in for a treat, it’s cosmic chili day.”
>At the mention of cosmic chili a grin full of child-like glee creeps onto the space ranger’s face as he presses a button that launches the turbo lift into motion.
>”Are you kidding me? Cosmic chilli? Do you have space raviolis and quasar coffee too?”
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