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>”We’ll have you on your way in no time; we just need to run a few additional tests.”
>She beams as she closes the little alien in his room, her glowing demeanor completely hiding the situation you find yourselves in.
>Though you suspect her superlative bedside manner was entirely wasted on Mineta, as he just nods dumbly transfixed by the head nurse’s rather generous ‘assets’.
>When you’re satisfied the coast is clear you pull the still violently thrashing heartless from its hiding place and return it to the counter.
“So what do we know about these things that can help us take them down?”
>You ask as you scan the room looking to everyone gathered there in turn.
>”Well we know they don’t like fire.”
>Dan says as he thinks back to how the four of you scorched the heartless that had commandeered the late Lieutenant Dallas.
>”They’re particularly vulnerable to light.”
>Buzz adds patting his trusty laser.
>”Their claws are really sharp.”
>Dan adds prompting a roll of the eyes from spike as you shake your head.
“I meant what do we know that will help us take them out.
>Dan’s eyes dart back and forth as he protests.
>”Well duh, obviously I knew that. I was just trying to keep you on your toes.”
>He blurts out a completely unconvincing lie before clearing his throat and pressing on.
>”Hm-hm anyway we can’t seem to take them out unless they’ve already left their host. At least, not without hurting the host anyway.”
>Spike nods before chiming in with his own observation.
>”We know their transformation is triggered by adreno… Adran…”
>Mina says, coming to the little dragon’s aid before you get a chance to.
>”Thanks, Adrenaline. “
>Spike finishes his sentence proudly as Mina picks up the filter and drops it on a table with a thunk.
>”And finally it seems like they really don’t like being forced into the open if this thing is any indication.”
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