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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-06-23 03:44:32 No. 30372851
>Mina says as she bangs on the ruined mechanical husk of her lab equipment.
“Right, sorry about that.”
>You say, sheepishly rubbing the back of your head before Dan butts in.
>”We have more important shit to worry about than your busted equipment, let’s stay on task here people.”
>You just sigh, forced once again to acknowledge the angry man’s point of view.
“Okay so, Since the adrenaline seems to be what triggers its awakening in the host, I’m thinking maybe we can sedate it with more body chemistry.”
>Mina nods and gets ready to bustle off to gather supplies but is stopped by a sudden purple raised claw.
>”Since these things are weak to fire, I wonder if we could use some kind of fever to drive them out of the host.”
>Spike looks a little embarrassed at his own suggestion but still manages to meet everyone’s gaze as he looks at all of you for approval.
>Surprisingly it’s Ulysses who answers first muttering under his breath for a few seconds before finally piping up.
>”We’d have to test to see how violent a reaction their leaving but it’s definitely worth looking into. Just one problem, we’re out of active sample.”
>He says crestfallen after a brief glimmer of hope appeared on his face.
>”Hey we don’t know that for sure, we still have samples to go through maybe we’ll find some more.”
>Buzz says looking at Dan’s pile of blood samples hopefully.
>”We may not need a third sample.”
>Mina interjects, an idea clearly beginning to piece itself together in her mind.
>”We do have a source for all the fresh active samples we need.”
>She says looking back towards the hall housing your two quarantine victims.
>Mina Bustles off, this time uninterrupted and in short order returns with a set of 8 new active blood samples a fresh filtration system and a supply of various tranquilizers for you to work with.
>You can’t help but feel like you’re close, just one more push and you should have the solution.
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