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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-15 02:58:01 No. 30524909
“Okay Spike, pull the lid off on three.”
>The little dragon nods nervously as he puts down his knife and grips the edges of the lid with both hands.
>You clench your fist around the grip of the gun and the muscles in your arms tighten as you get ready to try and stick the heartless.
>A bead of sweat rolls down Spike’s forehead as the heartless shrieks at you from inside its glass prison.
>As soon as the words leave your mouth Spike rips the lid off the jar and Buzz tenses up ready to fire.
>For an agonizing moment time seems to stop as you freeze and the heartless stares back up at you with its dead yellow eyes.
>The spell is broken when the creature screeches again and its twin spines begin to crackle with electricity.
>You bring your fist flying down with the force of a fat kid trying to get the last cookie from the cookie jar and squish the heartless against the bottom of its glass prison as you bury the needle between its eyes and pump it full of ketamine.
>The heartless’ twisted limbs flail about for a few seconds lashing at your hand and forearm before you manage to pull free and Spike slams the lid back on the jar, trapping the mini monster inside.
“FFFFFFFFFFFuck me running!”
>You hiss, dropping your keyblade to the ground where it promptly disappears as you clutch your forearm with your left hand.”
>”Quick let me see!”
>Buzz barks as he grabs your arm and extends it to get a better look at your wounds only to raise an eyebrow incredulously.
>There in his hands is your gloved arm still thoroughly protected by the thick material of your space suit.
>”It sure got you good there didn’t it?”
>Buzz smirks as you jerk your arm back and cradle it gently.
“It just surprised me is all.”
>You huff defensively as Spike taps on the glass jar.
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