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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-15 02:59:22 No. 30524918
>”Hey guys? I think it worked”
>The little dragon’s words pull your attention back to the task at hand and sure enough the heartless is collapsed in a semifluid blob at the bottom of the jar.
“We better make sure it’s really out.”
>You muse as you pick up the jar and run the extremely scientific test of shaking the living shit out of it.
>The heartless plops around the jar like an overripe tomato in a pinball machine but remains completely motionless.
“I’d call this a success gentlemen.”
>You say with a grin as the little goo monster oozes back to the bottom of its jar.
>You tuck the jar under your arm and the three of you head back over to Mina and company at the microscope.
“Well mission accomplished over here, the heartless are effected by anesthesia.”
>You say brandishing the sleeping monster before setting it aside.
>”Have any luck on your end?”
>Buzz asks as leans over your shoulder.
>Mina looks up at the three of you with a self-satisfied grin.
>”Sure did!”
>Mina chirps as Dan grinds his teeth and Ulysses squirms in his seat.
>”So what’s with…”
>Spike trails off at he points silently at Dan and Ulysses only for Mina to laugh.
>”Oh they’re just mad because they missed a host in their first sweep, honestly though even I’m lucky I caught it, Tokoyami’s blood isn’t exactly typical.”
>In the back of your mind you register Dan shouting, “Bitch I will cut you”, but Dan’s inappropriate outbursts can wait.
>Mina’s found all the hosts she thinks she can find, and you’ve come up with a way to safely extract the heartless.
>All that’s left now is to actually put everything together and pull it off.
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