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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-19 02:47:34 No. 30551305
>Spike and Buzz try to calm Dan down as you stand lost in your own thoughts miles away from the events unfolding next to you .
>You’re so close to having it all figured out but you’re being held up by one last hurdle right before the finish line.
>You know who to help.
>And you know how to sedate the heartless enough to extract them without harming the host.
>But you’re no closer to having a solid way to physically remove the damn things than you were when you started.
>Sure the filtration system did technically work, heartless attack notwithstanding, so you could probably hook the victims up to dialysis.
>The problem with that is that you have no way of knowing how well the machines will handle filtering a heartless the size of a Bulldog out of someone’s bloodstream.
>And even if it all goes perfectly that does nothing to help any victims you meet once you leave the med bay.
>If at all possible you’d like a solution you can bring with you.
>You sit down on a nearby stool pinching the bridge of your nose as you try to focus.
>From what you can tell it looks like these heartless feed on the hosts negative emotions in order to grow and eventually completely take over the hosts body.
>Maybe positive emotions could make the body incapable of sustaining the heartless and force it out?
>That would be nice but how exactly are you going to accomplish something like that with the situation as grim as it is.
>As you slump over yourself and groan you feel a weight shift in your suit.
>You fish the mystery object out of your pocket and hold it up to the sterile light of the exam room.
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