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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-19 02:49:37 No. 30551314
>Glittering back down at you is a golden pocket watch with an ornate question mark embossed in the center of an elaborate star shaped pattern.
>You can’t help but smile to yourself as you look up at the watch.
>Pinkie would be able to pull this off without breaking a sweat.
>She’d pull a ukulele out of nowhere and somehow play it without fingers as she lead the entire med bay in a huge dance number that ended in all the heartless being exorcised.
>You chuckle to yourself as you slip the watch back into your pocket only to be jabbed by something on your other side.
>You reach into your pocket and discover that the item responsible is twilight’s notebook.
>Yet another absent friend who could completely trivialize your current predicament.
>A flash of light and Twilight could just teleport the little buggers out of their hosts and into space.
>You tug the magical primer out of your pocket and fix your eyes on the cover with a sullen stare.
>You only barely have an understanding of elemental magic, and the little notebook isn’t going to teach you how to banish heartless anytime soon.
>But maybe you don’t need to banish them outright…
>Something clicks in your head as you throw the notebook down on the desk and franticly flip through the pages to the section on conjuring fire.
>”All magic stems from an emotional core in order to weave raw mana into a useful form. Fire in particular stems from forms of spiritual or emotional warmth.”
“We already know they don’t like fire, and if positive emotions hurt them…”

>You mutter to yourself as you pull out one of your quills from Davenport’s and begin scrawling on the counter.
>If you’re using emotions in order to craft flames out of magic and sling them around what happens if you sling that magic around half formed.
>It would just be raw emotionally charged mana right?
>Would that be enough to drive them out of the host?
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