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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-19 02:53:23 No. 30551327
“This calls for a test.”
>You say to yourself and look up from the scratched notes and formula on the counter and see Dan still arguing with Buzz and Spike.
>”And who exactly do you think you’re calling short!”
>Dan shouts down at the little dragon, his face beet red as a vein pops out of his forehead.
“Okay, think cool thoughts.”
>You say to yourself taking a deep breath as your keyblade materializes in your hand.
>You focus on your magic and you can feel the rush of energy as it flows through the lattice of your own emotions and the mysterious stranger begins to glow a pale blue.
>But just as the raw magical power begins to form you let it go slinging the energy at Dan.
“Hey Dan chill out!”
>You shout as an arc of bluish energy shoots through the air and bursts into a cloud of frost on impact with the simmering manlet.
>”I mean you’re clearly two foot nothing.”
>Dan seems visibly calmer but the change seems unfortunately short lived and in a few seconds he’s ranting about the tyranny of the giants against normal sized people like him.
>”Well that’s progress.” You think to yourself as you sit back down at the desk laying your keyblade on the ink covered surface.
>Still the little burst of emotion that your pseudo spell provided isn’t going to be enough to drive out anything.
>You’re going to need some kind of vector for the magic to operate on if you really want it to strike a chord in your target.
“Strike a chord…”
“That’s IT! If we back up magic with music…”
>You shout to yourself excitedly as you slam your hands on the desk and get ready to jump up and tell everyone your problems are solved, but you immediately slump back down onto the stool when you realize where you are.
>you’re sitting in the middle of a space hospital.
>And you have a sneaking suspicion that unlike Pinkie Pie the crewmembers here aren’t likely to stash musical instruments in every spare nook and cranny.
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