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>You flop forward onto the desk shooting a sidelong glance at the keyblade resting next to your head.
“Ugh back to the drawing board. Maybe we can find some kind of mp3 file or some…”
>Your morose mumbling is interrupted as you notice something glimmering on the keyblade out of the corner of your eye.
“What the hell…”
>Your voice trails off as you haul yourself upright to get a better look at the shimmering light.
>There glittering along the length of the keyblade are six brilliant strands of pure light.
“No way…”
>You mutter as you reach out and tentatively pluck one of the glimmering strands filling the room with a single resonating note.
>You reach down and grab the keyblade by its blade cradling the weapon like a guitar as you call on your magical reserves and begin to pluck on the luminous strings.
>A melody springs unbidden into your mind as you play and soon the strings on your keyblade is glowing red as music fills the room.
>As you loop through the melody the strings glow brighter and brighter bursting with flames at each pass until finally you cap the melody with a blazing crescendo that envelopes you in a simmering aura flickering with little tongues of flame.
>”Anon what the hell did you just do?”
>Dan shouts, his argument with spike completely forgotten after your fiery display.
>You open your mouth to answer him but your body is wracked by a sudden coughing fit as you hack up what looks like a small cloud of burning embers that quickly smolder out of existence.
>Once the coughing fit passes all that’s left is a feeling of blazing confidence burning away in your soul overriding all the fears and doubts that had been plaguing you up to this point.
>This plan was going to work, you’d make it work and nothing was going to stop you.
>You look back at Dan with a reckless grin.
“I just solved our heartless problem.”

You gained new spellcraft, Power Chord
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