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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-23 05:15:01 No. 30581075
>”That’s super sick, but maybe we should let the instruments be the judge.”
>Dan deadpans dismissively, clearly unimpressed by your magical display as he walks up and sticks you in the arm with the hypo gun pulling a fresh blood sample.
>Dan Is interupted mid-motion by a string of his own profanity as he goes to pull the vial from the hypo gun only to be burned by the unexpectedly hot contents within.
>He drops the hypo gun to the ground where spike picks it up as the angry little man nurses his singed fingers.
>”Wow, talk about hot blooded.”
>Spike says sporting a shit eating grin as he pulls the vial free, its contents suffused with a dull glow as the vial smolders away in his heatproof grasp.
>”Okay maybe this will actually burn those fucking things out of us.”
>Dan begrudgingly admits as he shakes his hand trying to cool off his digits.
>Spike meanwhile helps mina prepare a sample for the microscope and the spectrometer, and in short order the sample comes back clear of the trace amounts of darkness it previously contained.
>The little dragon shoots you a thumbs up just as your burning aura flickers out and the glow fades from your second blood sample.
>Looks like the spell only lasts a few minutes but that should be more than enough to drive the heartless out of their hosts.
“Okay, now that all that’s settled let’s get started pulling these things out of their victims.”
>You dismiss your keyblade and turn to Mina.
“I’d like it if we could treat them one at a time, that way we can hopefully avoid a repeat of this little guy”
>You explain as you pick up the sample jar and bounce the drugged heartless around its transparent prison.
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