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>The others nod in agreement as Mina gets up and starts bustling around the room preparing ketamine doses for your three patients.
>While Mina gets ready on the medical end the rest of you move into an empty exam room and start getting ready for the first patient.
>As the five of you walk into the room Ulysses starts muttering to himself as his eyes start darting around the fairly confined space.
>”I know we’re planning on the heartless being knocked out by the tranquilizers but maybe we ought to do something to block the ventilation and seal the doors. If something goes wrong we can’t have these things escaping on us.”
>”Way ahead of you son.”
>Buzz responds from a nearby control panel tapping away at the glowing console.
>A calm synthetic voice issues from the panel with a final keystroke from the space ranger.
>”Quarantine containment field active.”
>As soon as the voice finishes speaking a glowing blue field flickers to life over the air vents in the room and across the room’s entrance.
>”There, now nothing’s getting in and out of this room without our say so.”
>Buzz dusts off his hands with a self-satisfied grin as Ulysses nods nervously.
“Well that beats the hell out of my plan to secure the room.”
>You say throwing in an impressed whistle for good measure.
“Now let’s bring Den’Ki in here and get this show on the road.”
>Ulysses nods and ducks out of the room, the barrier flickering temporarily to allow him passage as he scurries off to get the nurse and your first patient.
>In short order the nervous little man returns with the others in tow.
>”So what’s going on with us anyway? How much longer till we can get out and start fixing the station?”
>Den’ki asks as soon as he sees Buzz standing in the treatment room.
>”No need to worry son, just a minor issue with contaminants from the asteroid.”
>Buzz reassures the engineer, slapping the alien on the back as he tries to put the young man at ease.
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