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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-23 05:18:47 No. 30581103
>”It looks like you’ve managed to pick up an unusual level of exposure somehow, but we can filter it out of your system in a jiffy.”
>Mina says with an unnaturally cheery voice as she helps Den’ki up into a chair and stick him in the arm with the ketamine gun.
>”Okay if you sayyyy soooo…”
>The alien’s words begin to slur almost immediately and in a matter of seconds he’s down for the count.
>As soon as he begins snoring in the exam chair Mina wheels around and shoots you a thumbs up.
>”Okay he’s all set let’s do this.”
>You give her a determined nod in return and call your keyblade into your hands.
“Time to turn up the heat.”
>you grin as the glowing stings appear at your fingertips and you begin shredding away with your spicy melody.
>With a final flourish as you reach the end of your rift you grab the keyblade by its handle reaching through the strings mid strum and sling the accumulated magic at Den’ki who is immediately enveloped in the same fierce burning aura you had summoned before.
>For a few seconds it seems as though nothing is going to happen but then Den’ki begins to cough and sputter as he shakes in his chair.
“Yes it’s working! Just a little more.”
>You shout gripping your keyblade ready to eradicate the sedated heartless once it’s expelled from the alien’s body.
>Then Den’ki’s eyes shoot open and he leaps up out of his chair and begins to wretch uncontrollably.
>”Uh should this be happening guys?”
>Spike asks concern in his voice as he reaches for the vibroknife clipped to his little spacesuit’s belt.
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