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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-23 05:19:56 No. 30581114
>”Whatever Anon did must have burnt through the sedative in Den’ki’s system, Brace yourselves!”
>Ulysses shouts hiding behind a nearby crash cart as Den’ki expels gallons of black sludge from his mouth into a pile on the floor.
>”Ugh… that was inside me?”
>the alien exclaims as he staggers back to his feet still wreathed in flickering flames as he wipes the black strands from his mouth, the confusion apparent in his voice.
>”We’ll explain later, just get back!”
>Dan shouts as he grips his wrench ready for the worst.
“Maybe the drugs are still effecting it…”
>As soon as the words leave your mouth that feeble hope is dashed to pieces as a sharp spindly leg emerges from the puddle of black sludge and a shape begins to pull itself up from the inky mass on the exam room floor.
>”Everyone who isn’t armed take Cover! This thing does not escape this room!”
>Buzz shouts as he takes aim at the forming Heartless.

Anon and Co. VS. Kaminari Parasite Start!
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