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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-24 08:32:15 No. 30589226
sorry had a birthday to go to after work but ask and you shall receive.

>As the heartless slowly pulls itself together your eyes shoot around the room taking in your surroundings.
>In addition to the chair you had attempted to sedate Den'Ki in the room also contains a hospital bed and a crash cart which Ulysses is currently hiding behind.
>If it weren't for the fact you're fairly certain this heartless can absorb electricity that defibrillator might have proven extremely useful.
>Even if you can't fry the heartless with it, better make a mental note of it.
>You never know when you'll need to kickstart someone's heart.
>There are a couple of IV stands at the back of the room giving you brief flashbacks of a trip to the ER for alcohol poisoning.
>Still if that drunken office chair jousting match that night taught you anything it's that those things are sturdier than they look.
>Maybe you can have someone throw one to Den'ki Mina or Ulysses. It would certainly be better than nothing for fending off some heartless.
>Finally you see a box of surgical facemasks sitting on the counter.
>They're not exactly the atmospheric filters Buzz had told you about but if it can keep out Sars maybe it can hold a the heartless at bay long enough for help to arrive if the little bastards try to get overly frisky.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-26 01:35:38 No. 30597047
>You turn your attention back to the heartless and see Buzz is about to blow a hole in the damn thing.
>But before the space ranger's laser has a chance to charge the parasite beats him to the punch.
>The semi formed body ripples and a trail of spines grow from the puddle on the floor.
“Everyone get down!”
>You shout as the spines begin to crackle but your warning comes too late as the heartless discharges a huge burst of electricity.
>The crash cart Ulysses is hiding behind throws up a shower of sparks as the wave of electricity blows out the instrument panel but the little man manages to avoid the attack.
>Mina is similarly fortunate hiding behind Dan.
>The Rest of you aren’t so lucky as the four of you take the brunt of the discharge.
>You’re thrown back as the shock forces your muscles to spasm, but you manage to stagger through the wave and back into a ready stance.
>Buzz also succeeds in toughing his way through the high voltage attack and is even able to keep his bead on the heartless through the pain.
>Dan and Spike however aren’t nearly so lucky.
>Spike is thrown back into the wall as his body turns on itself and convulses.
>Dan meanwhile collapses to one knee only barely succeeding in shielding Mina from the burst as he’s robbed of his ability to move.
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