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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-26 01:36:43 No. 30597050
>”Son of a bitch, maybe we should have thought this through a little more”
>Dan grunts through clenched teeth as he struggles to stay up.
>The only one who doesn’t seem effected by the attack is Den’ki.
>In fact he seems more than unaffected, he seems super charged as his body crackles with electricity beneath his burning aura.
>”You call that a power surge? Com’ere you son of a bitch!”
>Den’ki shouts as he grabs the sludgy half formed heartless and spins it around as its spindly legs scrabble uselessly looking for purchase, trying to stop the inevitable as Den’ki flings it against the wall with a wet splat.
>As the heartless slides to the ground Buzz keeps up the pressure firing a crimson lance of light accompanied by the high pitched whine of his suit’s capacitors.
>The heartless lets loose a gurgling shriek as the laser burns a smoking hole in its dripping black excuse for a body and tries to make a break for the door.
“You’re not getting away that easy, stay and chill a while!”
>the keyblade glows a pale blue as you blast the monster with a bitter cone of frost, it’s semifluid body creaking and popping as the wave of frigid magic solidifies its body robbing it of its unnatural agility.
“Whatever happens that thing cannot leave this room!”
>You shout as you shake off the lingering tingling from the electrical burst and pull yourself into a ready stance

Kaminari Parasite 35/60 HP

Anon: 40/50 HP 37/60 MP
Buzz: 49/59 HP 92% power
Spike: 41/61 HP 4 superiority dice (Stunned 2 turns)
Dan: 28/48 HP (Stunned 1 turn)
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