A Kingdom Hearts/My Little Pony CYOA.
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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-27 12:46:07 No. 30605216
“Buzz, Den’ki , Hang back and let me take the lead on this one.”
>You call out as you tap into your magical reserve and begin spinning the energy around the keyblade.
>In a matter of seconds the raw magic has been spun into a twisting red and blue magnetic aura and you sling the humming energy at the heartless like an incandescent fishing line.
>The creaking frozen heartless tries to pull itself out of the way but the ice spell has left it incapable of avoiding your magnetic magic and the energy latches on to the frosty beast.
>You haul back with a yell yanking the heartless off the floor and spinning it around the room.
>Meanwhile Ulysses uses the brief opening you’ve created to scurry out from behind the wrecked crashcart and grab a iv rack that he promptly tosses to Den’ki.
>As soon as you see Den’ki armed with his gleaming improvised weapon you send the heartless slamming into the wall nearest Den’ki.
>The monster hits the wall with a brittle crunch, sending frozen pieces of it flying of and clattering across the floor.
“Now guys, bring it on home!”
>Your voice rings around the room as the heartless hits the wall and Den’ki wastes no time acting on your command.
>He winds up and swings the iv rack with all his might into the frozen body of the heartless.
>A loud snapping sound fills the room as a deep fissure bisects the heartless.
>It looks like Den’ki may have damn near split the thing in two.
>”It’s all yours Commander!”
>Den'ki shouts , jumping back just as an angry red beam of light shoots past him and into the jagged fissure he just knocked into the heartless.
>The heartless shrieks as its entire malformed hind end breaks off and clatters to the floor, shattering what few spines remained intact.
“Jesus, you two actually split the thing in two.”
>If you didn’t know better you’d almost feel sorry for the little half frozen monstrosity.
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