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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-27 12:47:17 No. 30605220
“Time to put this thing out of its misery”
>You call out as you raise your keyblade to drive home the finishing blow.
>But just as you raise your key, the blizzard spell wears off and the once stiff near immobile heartless begins thrashing again like the T-1000 on crack.
>The heartless grows four more legs across its front end and begins franticly dragging itself across the floor towards an air vent.
>Yeah you better run, you think to yourself as it scurries away.
>After all the containment field means this little fucker’s going nowhere.
>But at that thought something catches your eye forcing you to do a double take at the grate.
>The glowing blue containment field is gone.
>Somewhere in the back of your mind it occurs to you that it must have been blown out by the electrical discharge, but that thought is completely overshadowed by the fact that this monstrosity is about to escape.
“It’s making a break for it, don’t let it get through the grate!”
>You shout unable to move fast enough to head off the heartless as it skitters away.
>Spike strains to try and pin it with his knife as it scurries past him but the little dragon just jerks around on the floor ineffectively still trapped by the heartless paralytic grip.
>Time seems to slow down as the heartless rushes the grate.
>You’re out of options and it looks like the little bastard is going to make good on its escape.
>It’s only a couple feet away from freedom when a high tech wrench flies overhead smashing into the grate, mangling the would be escape route to the point of uselessness.
>You whip around and see Dan wheezing, struggling to stay on his feet after shaking off the monster’s paralysis and hurling his wrench across the room.
>”You’re not getting away from that easily you little shit.”

Kaminari Parasite 10/60 HP

Anon: 40/50 HP 37/60 MP
Buzz: 49/59 HP 92% power
Spike: 41/61 HP 4 superiority dice
Dan: 28/48 HP
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