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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-30 12:18:59 No. 30622993
>With its only avenue of escape closed off the heartless screeches defiantly and lunges at the nearest warm body.
>That body happens to belong to Spike, who is still struggling to get up off the floor.
>Luckily for the little dragon the heartless isn’t nearly as agile since the three of you split the little abomination in half.
>The desperate lunge falls short of the mark leaving the heartless flailing on the floor creating a perfect opening for you to finish it off.
“This is the end of the Road!”
>You shout as you haul back and fling the keyblade at the prone blob of living shadow, sending the weapon tumbling end over end through the air.
>The keyblade whips through the air like flying buzzsaw and strikes true impaling the heartless leaving it pinned to the deck of the medical bay.
>The monster gurgles and thrashes violently before finally falling still and exploding in a burst of light accompanied by a cloud of black smoke.
>Once the heartless vanishes you hurry across the room to help Spike back to his feet.
>”Thanks for the assist, that thing got a little too close for comfort there at the end.”
>Spike says with a wry grin, wincing as you prop him up and feeling returns to his limbs.
“Any time, I’m not going to let some heartless turn my buddy into a dragon suit.”
>You reply with a fist bump and a confident smile trying to hide fear at the back of your mind at the thought of what nearly happened.
>The heartless had you beat dead to rights on speed; it was just luck that things didn’t turn out very differently.
>Fortunately the little dragon doesn’t seem to pick up on any of your internal doubts and grins back at you as he returns the fist bump before dusting himself off and heading over to greet Den’ki.
>”Look I’m glad we killed that thing but does anyone want to tell me what the hell is actually going on here?”
>The alien asks just as the little dragon trundles up to him.
>”What about you little man?"
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