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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-30 12:21:35 No. 30623007
>And just like that Mina darts off out of the room leaving you and Buzz behind.
>”You holding up okay there soldier?”
>The space ranger breaks the silence and you shoot him a quizzical look.
“You know I’m not a soldier right?”
>”I know but son didn’t feel right, and that wasn’t exactly an answer.”
>You frown silently; apparently Buzz isn’t going to let you joke your way out of this.
>”I saw you talking with the little guy after the fight; you did a good job putting up a brave front.”
“Not good enough apparently.”
>You mutter bitterly, galled by how easily the veteran soldier saw through you.
>”After years of wearing that expression yourself it gets easy to spot.”
>Buzz looks distant for a moment, as though he’s suddenly very far away, lost in bitter memories of time gone by.
>Eventually Buzz returns to the now, breaking the silence.
>”It doesn’t get any easier carrying the burden of command soldier; just don’t make it any heavier than it has to be. “
>The space ranger turns to you with a sad smile, the echoes of his own failures hiding behind that melancholy half grin.
>”Any fight you and your men walk away from is a victory.”
>You're about to offer up some kind of meager thank you when it clicks.
>Buzz's losses aren't just relegated to the past, they're happening all around you here and now.
>The infected crew.
>Lieutenant Dallas up on the bridge.
>Woody and Rarity down at the bottom of the station.
>Even you, Dan and Spike.
>Buzz is responsible for all of your lives.
>And if the weight of looking after Spike is getting to you, you can't imagine how crushing that burden must be.
>You stand there and can't help but think that you should say something.
>But what do you even say at a time like this?
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