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!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-15 02:56:36 No. 30524901
“Okay guys this is the home stretch. Buzz, I’d like you to help spike and I to try and figure out a way to extract these things safely.”
>The space ranger nods as you turn your attention to the head nurse.
“Mina, I think you ought to help Dan and Ulysses scan for more active samples. You’re much more likely to catch anything they might miss.”
>Mina’s whole body bounces with the force of her determined nod before she wheels around and ushers the two would be technicians back to the microscope.
>As the three of them crowd around the microscope’s flickering display you start rummaging through the nearby cabinets as Buzz and spike peer over your shoulder.
>It takes a few minutes but you finally manage to find a name you recognize.
“Now then, let’s see what this baby can do.”
>You say with a grin as you pull out a bottle of ketamine and fill a nearby hypo gun with its contents before handing off a few extra bottles to Spike.
>”Are you sure you know what you’re doing with that?”
>Buzz asks incredulously, stopping you in your tracks as you march off towards the Heartless’ container brandishing the hypo gun.
“Sure enough to know that if sedatives work on heartless this ought to knock it out like a light. Come on I need you guys to cover me, we can’t have the little bastard getting loose.”
>You gesture with the hypo gun for Buzz to follow you and reluctantly the space ranger cycles up his laser and draws a bead on the heartless should it manage to slip past you.
>You turn to give Spike his instructions but the little dragon shoots you an affirmative nod and takes up a post on the counter as he flips out his vibro knife; ready to tackle the wee beastie if things go sideways.
>You pop your keyblade into existence in your left hand as you drum your fingers on the grip of the hypo gun.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-15 02:58:01 No. 30524909
“Okay Spike, pull the lid off on three.”
>The little dragon nods nervously as he puts down his knife and grips the edges of the lid with both hands.
>You clench your fist around the grip of the gun and the muscles in your arms tighten as you get ready to try and stick the heartless.
>A bead of sweat rolls down Spike’s forehead as the heartless shrieks at you from inside its glass prison.
>As soon as the words leave your mouth Spike rips the lid off the jar and Buzz tenses up ready to fire.
>For an agonizing moment time seems to stop as you freeze and the heartless stares back up at you with its dead yellow eyes.
>The spell is broken when the creature screeches again and its twin spines begin to crackle with electricity.
>You bring your fist flying down with the force of a fat kid trying to get the last cookie from the cookie jar and squish the heartless against the bottom of its glass prison as you bury the needle between its eyes and pump it full of ketamine.
>The heartless’ twisted limbs flail about for a few seconds lashing at your hand and forearm before you manage to pull free and Spike slams the lid back on the jar, trapping the mini monster inside.
“FFFFFFFFFFFuck me running!”
>You hiss, dropping your keyblade to the ground where it promptly disappears as you clutch your forearm with your left hand.”
>”Quick let me see!”
>Buzz barks as he grabs your arm and extends it to get a better look at your wounds only to raise an eyebrow incredulously.
>There in his hands is your gloved arm still thoroughly protected by the thick material of your space suit.
>”It sure got you good there didn’t it?”
>Buzz smirks as you jerk your arm back and cradle it gently.
“It just surprised me is all.”
>You huff defensively as Spike taps on the glass jar.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-15 02:59:22 No. 30524918
>”Hey guys? I think it worked”
>The little dragon’s words pull your attention back to the task at hand and sure enough the heartless is collapsed in a semifluid blob at the bottom of the jar.
“We better make sure it’s really out.”
>You muse as you pick up the jar and run the extremely scientific test of shaking the living shit out of it.
>The heartless plops around the jar like an overripe tomato in a pinball machine but remains completely motionless.
“I’d call this a success gentlemen.”
>You say with a grin as the little goo monster oozes back to the bottom of its jar.
>You tuck the jar under your arm and the three of you head back over to Mina and company at the microscope.
“Well mission accomplished over here, the heartless are effected by anesthesia.”
>You say brandishing the sleeping monster before setting it aside.
>”Have any luck on your end?”
>Buzz asks as leans over your shoulder.
>Mina looks up at the three of you with a self-satisfied grin.
>”Sure did!”
>Mina chirps as Dan grinds his teeth and Ulysses squirms in his seat.
>”So what’s with…”
>Spike trails off at he points silently at Dan and Ulysses only for Mina to laugh.
>”Oh they’re just mad because they missed a host in their first sweep, honestly though even I’m lucky I caught it, Tokoyami’s blood isn’t exactly typical.”
>In the back of your mind you register Dan shouting, “Bitch I will cut you”, but Dan’s inappropriate outbursts can wait.
>Mina’s found all the hosts she thinks she can find, and you’ve come up with a way to safely extract the heartless.
>All that’s left now is to actually put everything together and pull it off.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-19 02:47:34 No. 30551305
>Spike and Buzz try to calm Dan down as you stand lost in your own thoughts miles away from the events unfolding next to you .
>You’re so close to having it all figured out but you’re being held up by one last hurdle right before the finish line.
>You know who to help.
>And you know how to sedate the heartless enough to extract them without harming the host.
>But you’re no closer to having a solid way to physically remove the damn things than you were when you started.
>Sure the filtration system did technically work, heartless attack notwithstanding, so you could probably hook the victims up to dialysis.
>The problem with that is that you have no way of knowing how well the machines will handle filtering a heartless the size of a Bulldog out of someone’s bloodstream.
>And even if it all goes perfectly that does nothing to help any victims you meet once you leave the med bay.
>If at all possible you’d like a solution you can bring with you.
>You sit down on a nearby stool pinching the bridge of your nose as you try to focus.
>From what you can tell it looks like these heartless feed on the hosts negative emotions in order to grow and eventually completely take over the hosts body.
>Maybe positive emotions could make the body incapable of sustaining the heartless and force it out?
>That would be nice but how exactly are you going to accomplish something like that with the situation as grim as it is.
>As you slump over yourself and groan you feel a weight shift in your suit.
>You fish the mystery object out of your pocket and hold it up to the sterile light of the exam room.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-19 02:49:37 No. 30551314
>Glittering back down at you is a golden pocket watch with an ornate question mark embossed in the center of an elaborate star shaped pattern.
>You can’t help but smile to yourself as you look up at the watch.
>Pinkie would be able to pull this off without breaking a sweat.
>She’d pull a ukulele out of nowhere and somehow play it without fingers as she lead the entire med bay in a huge dance number that ended in all the heartless being exorcised.
>You chuckle to yourself as you slip the watch back into your pocket only to be jabbed by something on your other side.
>You reach into your pocket and discover that the item responsible is twilight’s notebook.
>Yet another absent friend who could completely trivialize your current predicament.
>A flash of light and Twilight could just teleport the little buggers out of their hosts and into space.
>You tug the magical primer out of your pocket and fix your eyes on the cover with a sullen stare.
>You only barely have an understanding of elemental magic, and the little notebook isn’t going to teach you how to banish heartless anytime soon.
>But maybe you don’t need to banish them outright…
>Something clicks in your head as you throw the notebook down on the desk and franticly flip through the pages to the section on conjuring fire.
>”All magic stems from an emotional core in order to weave raw mana into a useful form. Fire in particular stems from forms of spiritual or emotional warmth.”
“We already know they don’t like fire, and if positive emotions hurt them…”

>You mutter to yourself as you pull out one of your quills from Davenport’s and begin scrawling on the counter.
>If you’re using emotions in order to craft flames out of magic and sling them around what happens if you sling that magic around half formed.
>It would just be raw emotionally charged mana right?
>Would that be enough to drive them out of the host?

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-19 02:53:23 No. 30551327
“This calls for a test.”
>You say to yourself and look up from the scratched notes and formula on the counter and see Dan still arguing with Buzz and Spike.
>”And who exactly do you think you’re calling short!”
>Dan shouts down at the little dragon, his face beet red as a vein pops out of his forehead.
“Okay, think cool thoughts.”
>You say to yourself taking a deep breath as your keyblade materializes in your hand.
>You focus on your magic and you can feel the rush of energy as it flows through the lattice of your own emotions and the mysterious stranger begins to glow a pale blue.
>But just as the raw magical power begins to form you let it go slinging the energy at Dan.
“Hey Dan chill out!”
>You shout as an arc of bluish energy shoots through the air and bursts into a cloud of frost on impact with the simmering manlet.
>”I mean you’re clearly two foot nothing.”
>Dan seems visibly calmer but the change seems unfortunately short lived and in a few seconds he’s ranting about the tyranny of the giants against normal sized people like him.
>”Well that’s progress.” You think to yourself as you sit back down at the desk laying your keyblade on the ink covered surface.
>Still the little burst of emotion that your pseudo spell provided isn’t going to be enough to drive out anything.
>You’re going to need some kind of vector for the magic to operate on if you really want it to strike a chord in your target.
“Strike a chord…”
“That’s IT! If we back up magic with music…”
>You shout to yourself excitedly as you slam your hands on the desk and get ready to jump up and tell everyone your problems are solved, but you immediately slump back down onto the stool when you realize where you are.
>you’re sitting in the middle of a space hospital.
>And you have a sneaking suspicion that unlike Pinkie Pie the crewmembers here aren’t likely to stash musical instruments in every spare nook and cranny.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-19 02:56:57 No. 30551341
>You flop forward onto the desk shooting a sidelong glance at the keyblade resting next to your head.
“Ugh back to the drawing board. Maybe we can find some kind of mp3 file or some…”
>Your morose mumbling is interrupted as you notice something glimmering on the keyblade out of the corner of your eye.
“What the hell…”
>Your voice trails off as you haul yourself upright to get a better look at the shimmering light.
>There glittering along the length of the keyblade are six brilliant strands of pure light.
“No way…”
>You mutter as you reach out and tentatively pluck one of the glimmering strands filling the room with a single resonating note.
>You reach down and grab the keyblade by its blade cradling the weapon like a guitar as you call on your magical reserves and begin to pluck on the luminous strings.
>A melody springs unbidden into your mind as you play and soon the strings on your keyblade is glowing red as music fills the room.
>As you loop through the melody the strings glow brighter and brighter bursting with flames at each pass until finally you cap the melody with a blazing crescendo that envelopes you in a simmering aura flickering with little tongues of flame.
>”Anon what the hell did you just do?”
>Dan shouts, his argument with spike completely forgotten after your fiery display.
>You open your mouth to answer him but your body is wracked by a sudden coughing fit as you hack up what looks like a small cloud of burning embers that quickly smolder out of existence.
>Once the coughing fit passes all that’s left is a feeling of blazing confidence burning away in your soul overriding all the fears and doubts that had been plaguing you up to this point.
>This plan was going to work, you’d make it work and nothing was going to stop you.
>You look back at Dan with a reckless grin.
“I just solved our heartless problem.”

You gained new spellcraft, Power Chord

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-23 05:15:01 No. 30581075
>”That’s super sick, but maybe we should let the instruments be the judge.”
>Dan deadpans dismissively, clearly unimpressed by your magical display as he walks up and sticks you in the arm with the hypo gun pulling a fresh blood sample.
>Dan Is interupted mid-motion by a string of his own profanity as he goes to pull the vial from the hypo gun only to be burned by the unexpectedly hot contents within.
>He drops the hypo gun to the ground where spike picks it up as the angry little man nurses his singed fingers.
>”Wow, talk about hot blooded.”
>Spike says sporting a shit eating grin as he pulls the vial free, its contents suffused with a dull glow as the vial smolders away in his heatproof grasp.
>”Okay maybe this will actually burn those fucking things out of us.”
>Dan begrudgingly admits as he shakes his hand trying to cool off his digits.
>Spike meanwhile helps mina prepare a sample for the microscope and the spectrometer, and in short order the sample comes back clear of the trace amounts of darkness it previously contained.
>The little dragon shoots you a thumbs up just as your burning aura flickers out and the glow fades from your second blood sample.
>Looks like the spell only lasts a few minutes but that should be more than enough to drive the heartless out of their hosts.
“Okay, now that all that’s settled let’s get started pulling these things out of their victims.”
>You dismiss your keyblade and turn to Mina.
“I’d like it if we could treat them one at a time, that way we can hopefully avoid a repeat of this little guy”
>You explain as you pick up the sample jar and bounce the drugged heartless around its transparent prison.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-23 05:16:38 No. 30581083
>The others nod in agreement as Mina gets up and starts bustling around the room preparing ketamine doses for your three patients.
>While Mina gets ready on the medical end the rest of you move into an empty exam room and start getting ready for the first patient.
>As the five of you walk into the room Ulysses starts muttering to himself as his eyes start darting around the fairly confined space.
>”I know we’re planning on the heartless being knocked out by the tranquilizers but maybe we ought to do something to block the ventilation and seal the doors. If something goes wrong we can’t have these things escaping on us.”
>”Way ahead of you son.”
>Buzz responds from a nearby control panel tapping away at the glowing console.
>A calm synthetic voice issues from the panel with a final keystroke from the space ranger.
>”Quarantine containment field active.”
>As soon as the voice finishes speaking a glowing blue field flickers to life over the air vents in the room and across the room’s entrance.
>”There, now nothing’s getting in and out of this room without our say so.”
>Buzz dusts off his hands with a self-satisfied grin as Ulysses nods nervously.
“Well that beats the hell out of my plan to secure the room.”
>You say throwing in an impressed whistle for good measure.
“Now let’s bring Den’Ki in here and get this show on the road.”
>Ulysses nods and ducks out of the room, the barrier flickering temporarily to allow him passage as he scurries off to get the nurse and your first patient.
>In short order the nervous little man returns with the others in tow.
>”So what’s going on with us anyway? How much longer till we can get out and start fixing the station?”
>Den’ki asks as soon as he sees Buzz standing in the treatment room.
>”No need to worry son, just a minor issue with contaminants from the asteroid.”
>Buzz reassures the engineer, slapping the alien on the back as he tries to put the young man at ease.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-23 05:18:47 No. 30581103
>”It looks like you’ve managed to pick up an unusual level of exposure somehow, but we can filter it out of your system in a jiffy.”
>Mina says with an unnaturally cheery voice as she helps Den’ki up into a chair and stick him in the arm with the ketamine gun.
>”Okay if you sayyyy soooo…”
>The alien’s words begin to slur almost immediately and in a matter of seconds he’s down for the count.
>As soon as he begins snoring in the exam chair Mina wheels around and shoots you a thumbs up.
>”Okay he’s all set let’s do this.”
>You give her a determined nod in return and call your keyblade into your hands.
“Time to turn up the heat.”
>you grin as the glowing stings appear at your fingertips and you begin shredding away with your spicy melody.
>With a final flourish as you reach the end of your rift you grab the keyblade by its handle reaching through the strings mid strum and sling the accumulated magic at Den’ki who is immediately enveloped in the same fierce burning aura you had summoned before.
>For a few seconds it seems as though nothing is going to happen but then Den’ki begins to cough and sputter as he shakes in his chair.
“Yes it’s working! Just a little more.”
>You shout gripping your keyblade ready to eradicate the sedated heartless once it’s expelled from the alien’s body.
>Then Den’ki’s eyes shoot open and he leaps up out of his chair and begins to wretch uncontrollably.
>”Uh should this be happening guys?”
>Spike asks concern in his voice as he reaches for the vibroknife clipped to his little spacesuit’s belt.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-23 05:19:56 No. 30581114
>”Whatever Anon did must have burnt through the sedative in Den’ki’s system, Brace yourselves!”
>Ulysses shouts hiding behind a nearby crash cart as Den’ki expels gallons of black sludge from his mouth into a pile on the floor.
>”Ugh… that was inside me?”
>the alien exclaims as he staggers back to his feet still wreathed in flickering flames as he wipes the black strands from his mouth, the confusion apparent in his voice.
>”We’ll explain later, just get back!”
>Dan shouts as he grips his wrench ready for the worst.
“Maybe the drugs are still effecting it…”
>As soon as the words leave your mouth that feeble hope is dashed to pieces as a sharp spindly leg emerges from the puddle of black sludge and a shape begins to pull itself up from the inky mass on the exam room floor.
>”Everyone who isn’t armed take Cover! This thing does not escape this room!”
>Buzz shouts as he takes aim at the forming Heartless.

Anon and Co. VS. Kaminari Parasite Start!

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-26 01:35:38 No. 30597047
>You turn your attention back to the heartless and see Buzz is about to blow a hole in the damn thing.
>But before the space ranger's laser has a chance to charge the parasite beats him to the punch.
>The semi formed body ripples and a trail of spines grow from the puddle on the floor.
“Everyone get down!”
>You shout as the spines begin to crackle but your warning comes too late as the heartless discharges a huge burst of electricity.
>The crash cart Ulysses is hiding behind throws up a shower of sparks as the wave of electricity blows out the instrument panel but the little man manages to avoid the attack.
>Mina is similarly fortunate hiding behind Dan.
>The Rest of you aren’t so lucky as the four of you take the brunt of the discharge.
>You’re thrown back as the shock forces your muscles to spasm, but you manage to stagger through the wave and back into a ready stance.
>Buzz also succeeds in toughing his way through the high voltage attack and is even able to keep his bead on the heartless through the pain.
>Dan and Spike however aren’t nearly so lucky.
>Spike is thrown back into the wall as his body turns on itself and convulses.
>Dan meanwhile collapses to one knee only barely succeeding in shielding Mina from the burst as he’s robbed of his ability to move.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-26 01:36:43 No. 30597050
>”Son of a bitch, maybe we should have thought this through a little more”
>Dan grunts through clenched teeth as he struggles to stay up.
>The only one who doesn’t seem effected by the attack is Den’ki.
>In fact he seems more than unaffected, he seems super charged as his body crackles with electricity beneath his burning aura.
>”You call that a power surge? Com’ere you son of a bitch!”
>Den’ki shouts as he grabs the sludgy half formed heartless and spins it around as its spindly legs scrabble uselessly looking for purchase, trying to stop the inevitable as Den’ki flings it against the wall with a wet splat.
>As the heartless slides to the ground Buzz keeps up the pressure firing a crimson lance of light accompanied by the high pitched whine of his suit’s capacitors.
>The heartless lets loose a gurgling shriek as the laser burns a smoking hole in its dripping black excuse for a body and tries to make a break for the door.
“You’re not getting away that easy, stay and chill a while!”
>the keyblade glows a pale blue as you blast the monster with a bitter cone of frost, it’s semifluid body creaking and popping as the wave of frigid magic solidifies its body robbing it of its unnatural agility.
“Whatever happens that thing cannot leave this room!”
>You shout as you shake off the lingering tingling from the electrical burst and pull yourself into a ready stance

Kaminari Parasite 35/60 HP

Anon: 40/50 HP 37/60 MP
Buzz: 49/59 HP 92% power
Spike: 41/61 HP 4 superiority dice (Stunned 2 turns)
Dan: 28/48 HP (Stunned 1 turn)

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-27 12:46:07 No. 30605216
“Buzz, Den’ki , Hang back and let me take the lead on this one.”
>You call out as you tap into your magical reserve and begin spinning the energy around the keyblade.
>In a matter of seconds the raw magic has been spun into a twisting red and blue magnetic aura and you sling the humming energy at the heartless like an incandescent fishing line.
>The creaking frozen heartless tries to pull itself out of the way but the ice spell has left it incapable of avoiding your magnetic magic and the energy latches on to the frosty beast.
>You haul back with a yell yanking the heartless off the floor and spinning it around the room.
>Meanwhile Ulysses uses the brief opening you’ve created to scurry out from behind the wrecked crashcart and grab a iv rack that he promptly tosses to Den’ki.
>As soon as you see Den’ki armed with his gleaming improvised weapon you send the heartless slamming into the wall nearest Den’ki.
>The monster hits the wall with a brittle crunch, sending frozen pieces of it flying of and clattering across the floor.
“Now guys, bring it on home!”
>Your voice rings around the room as the heartless hits the wall and Den’ki wastes no time acting on your command.
>He winds up and swings the iv rack with all his might into the frozen body of the heartless.
>A loud snapping sound fills the room as a deep fissure bisects the heartless.
>It looks like Den’ki may have damn near split the thing in two.
>”It’s all yours Commander!”
>Den'ki shouts , jumping back just as an angry red beam of light shoots past him and into the jagged fissure he just knocked into the heartless.
>The heartless shrieks as its entire malformed hind end breaks off and clatters to the floor, shattering what few spines remained intact.
“Jesus, you two actually split the thing in two.”
>If you didn’t know better you’d almost feel sorry for the little half frozen monstrosity.

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-27 12:47:17 No. 30605220
“Time to put this thing out of its misery”
>You call out as you raise your keyblade to drive home the finishing blow.
>But just as you raise your key, the blizzard spell wears off and the once stiff near immobile heartless begins thrashing again like the T-1000 on crack.
>The heartless grows four more legs across its front end and begins franticly dragging itself across the floor towards an air vent.
>Yeah you better run, you think to yourself as it scurries away.
>After all the containment field means this little fucker’s going nowhere.
>But at that thought something catches your eye forcing you to do a double take at the grate.
>The glowing blue containment field is gone.
>Somewhere in the back of your mind it occurs to you that it must have been blown out by the electrical discharge, but that thought is completely overshadowed by the fact that this monstrosity is about to escape.
“It’s making a break for it, don’t let it get through the grate!”
>You shout unable to move fast enough to head off the heartless as it skitters away.
>Spike strains to try and pin it with his knife as it scurries past him but the little dragon just jerks around on the floor ineffectively still trapped by the heartless paralytic grip.
>Time seems to slow down as the heartless rushes the grate.
>You’re out of options and it looks like the little bastard is going to make good on its escape.
>It’s only a couple feet away from freedom when a high tech wrench flies overhead smashing into the grate, mangling the would be escape route to the point of uselessness.
>You whip around and see Dan wheezing, struggling to stay on his feet after shaking off the monster’s paralysis and hurling his wrench across the room.
>”You’re not getting away from that easily you little shit.”

Kaminari Parasite 10/60 HP

Anon: 40/50 HP 37/60 MP
Buzz: 49/59 HP 92% power
Spike: 41/61 HP 4 superiority dice
Dan: 28/48 HP

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-30 12:18:59 No. 30622993
>With its only avenue of escape closed off the heartless screeches defiantly and lunges at the nearest warm body.
>That body happens to belong to Spike, who is still struggling to get up off the floor.
>Luckily for the little dragon the heartless isn’t nearly as agile since the three of you split the little abomination in half.
>The desperate lunge falls short of the mark leaving the heartless flailing on the floor creating a perfect opening for you to finish it off.
“This is the end of the Road!”
>You shout as you haul back and fling the keyblade at the prone blob of living shadow, sending the weapon tumbling end over end through the air.
>The keyblade whips through the air like flying buzzsaw and strikes true impaling the heartless leaving it pinned to the deck of the medical bay.
>The monster gurgles and thrashes violently before finally falling still and exploding in a burst of light accompanied by a cloud of black smoke.
>Once the heartless vanishes you hurry across the room to help Spike back to his feet.
>”Thanks for the assist, that thing got a little too close for comfort there at the end.”
>Spike says with a wry grin, wincing as you prop him up and feeling returns to his limbs.
“Any time, I’m not going to let some heartless turn my buddy into a dragon suit.”
>You reply with a fist bump and a confident smile trying to hide fear at the back of your mind at the thought of what nearly happened.
>The heartless had you beat dead to rights on speed; it was just luck that things didn’t turn out very differently.
>Fortunately the little dragon doesn’t seem to pick up on any of your internal doubts and grins back at you as he returns the fist bump before dusting himself off and heading over to greet Den’ki.
>”Look I’m glad we killed that thing but does anyone want to tell me what the hell is actually going on here?”
>The alien asks just as the little dragon trundles up to him.
>”What about you little man?"

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-30 12:20:30 No. 30622999
>Den'ki asks as he directs his attention at Spike.
>"Do you know what’s going on?”
>”Uh I’m probably not the best person to explain. Can someone give him a quick rundown?”
>As soon as the words leave Spike’s mouth Dan jumps in without missing a beat.
>”Well to start even the Rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs, they’ve been in contact with alien life for years and are rumored to possess psychic abilities.”
“Shut up Dan you’re not helping. Ulysses fill Den’ki in on what’s going on please, I need to check with Mina about how we’re going to deal with our next patient.”
>As Ulysses and Spike get to work filling in Den’ki along with a generous helping of shitposting from Dan you turn to Buzz and Mina to start planning for the next two extractions.
>“That didn’t go nearly as well as we had hoped it would, we’re lucky that heartless didn’t slip through our fingers.”
>Buzz says, his arms crossed with a grim edge to his voice.
”We can’t have another close call like this, once was already too close for comfort.”
>You say, nodding as you agree with the space ranger.
>”The question is, how do we fix it in the next go round? “
>Fortunately you’ve already been giving that some thought.
“Mina do we have some way that we can dispose of the heartless immediately after it’s expelled from the body? A biohazard containment unit or maybe an incinerator?”
>Mina thinks for a second, looking like a pink busty version of Ulysses as she mumbles to herself before finally popping back upright as she plops her fist into her palm.
>”I think we may have something, let me go take a look and see if it’ll work.”

!!PmfEpd8BNhC 2017-07-30 12:21:35 No. 30623007
>And just like that Mina darts off out of the room leaving you and Buzz behind.
>”You holding up okay there soldier?”
>The space ranger breaks the silence and you shoot him a quizzical look.
“You know I’m not a soldier right?”
>”I know but son didn’t feel right, and that wasn’t exactly an answer.”
>You frown silently; apparently Buzz isn’t going to let you joke your way out of this.
>”I saw you talking with the little guy after the fight; you did a good job putting up a brave front.”
“Not good enough apparently.”
>You mutter bitterly, galled by how easily the veteran soldier saw through you.
>”After years of wearing that expression yourself it gets easy to spot.”
>Buzz looks distant for a moment, as though he’s suddenly very far away, lost in bitter memories of time gone by.
>Eventually Buzz returns to the now, breaking the silence.
>”It doesn’t get any easier carrying the burden of command soldier; just don’t make it any heavier than it has to be. “
>The space ranger turns to you with a sad smile, the echoes of his own failures hiding behind that melancholy half grin.
>”Any fight you and your men walk away from is a victory.”
>You're about to offer up some kind of meager thank you when it clicks.
>Buzz's losses aren't just relegated to the past, they're happening all around you here and now.
>The infected crew.
>Lieutenant Dallas up on the bridge.
>Woody and Rarity down at the bottom of the station.
>Even you, Dan and Spike.
>Buzz is responsible for all of your lives.
>And if the weight of looking after Spike is getting to you, you can't imagine how crushing that burden must be.
>You stand there and can't help but think that you should say something.
>But what do you even say at a time like this?
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