An intrepid young filly is caught up in an adventure when all of the household objects around her come to life!
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2016-09-03 11:19:08 No. 28334488
We should watch a scary movie, sneak it from mom.

Hug the moff tight when we get scared.

2016-09-04 10:32:53 No. 28342130
You both decide to build a pillow fort and watch some movies. After popping into Dad's secret stash you find a horror movie called Ponevil Dead. It's about ghosts possessing some ponies staying in a house. There is a scene where one of the ponies goes running through the woods. Vines grab her, they pull her to the ground. Dusty holds onto you tightly which is an action you soon mimic. The vines eagerly climb up her leg and...
You hear a loud boom come from out side that sends both you and Dusty jumping
After the two of you gather yourselves you look out the window to try and see what's happened.
All you can see is an eerie green glow coming from the top of a nearby hill.
>"What is that?"
"I don't know, But it sure did make a loud entrance."
You feel the ground shake beneath you.

What do you do?
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