An intrepid young filly is caught up in an adventure when all of the household objects around her come to life!
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2016-09-05 12:38:04 No. 28342825
Drop bash and bash, both aimed at the vaccuum bag.

2016-09-05 01:10:07 No. 28342951
>"Gem, It the bag! I think it's weak there!"
"Got it! The bag it is!"

Gem uses Drop bash, and misses.
Silver-back vacuum cleaner Rams dusty, dealing 10 damage.
As the vacuum hits Dusty, Dusty Swings at the Vacuum cleaner. Dusty hits the bag dealing 2X damage, Dusty summons all of his strength to deal 2x more damage with a critical hit dealing 20 damage!

>Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner
>HP: 60/100

Hidden Gem HP:47
-Drop bash
-Sky defend

Dusty Miller HP:25
-Sky defend
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