An intrepid young filly is caught up in an adventure when all of the household objects around her come to life!
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2016-09-11 10:19:53 No. 28398150
Enter the bathroom. Carefully examine the room and then listen on the door. Crack it open slightly to peak out.

2016-09-11 10:08:27 No. 28398048
Well he should definitely grab the saddle bag, and the shinguards.

Holy shit, looks like his mom was taking a shower and got rudely interrupted. Make your way carefully out of the bathroom and see if you can't find Dustys mom.

2016-09-11 10:38:03 No. 28398290
You already entered the Bathroom.
You slowly crack the door to Dusty's parents room open and peer inside. There doesn't seem to be any pony in here.
Looking around you find Dust's parent's water-bed, their bed-room TV, the family computer and their closet.
Now that you're out of the bathroom you can hear a sort of bumping sound coming from beyond the closet Which shares a wall with Dusty's room.
The shower is still loud enough to mask some of the noise you are making if you want to discuss tactics with Dusty.

What do you do?
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