An intrepid young filly is caught up in an adventure when all of the household objects around her come to life!
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2016-09-11 11:10:21 No. 28398484
Check downstairs, she could've fallen asleep in front of the tv. It'd explain why she couldn't hear the phone.

2016-09-11 11:20:25 No. 28398541
Lets avoid possible monsters unless we need to. There's still the rest of the house to check after all.

2016-09-11 11:39:13 No. 28398652
There's most likely a monster in there so it'd be a guaranteed battle regardless of whether or not she's in there. The fight could attract the attention of anything else in the house.

2016-09-11 11:56:44 No. 28398742
You creep down the stairs and take to the air to briefly look around downstairs. You don't see any ponies or monsters but you do hear something shift a bit as you look around the room from the stairwell. The shift you head worries you a bit and you decide to head back.
You look over at Dusty and shake your head "no." Both of you climb the stairs and get close to Dusty's room door.
You put your ear to the door and listen. In addition to the soft thuds you can hear light feminine moaning coming from the door.
You crack open the door and peer inside. Dusty's Mom is on Dusty's bed holding a picture frame, her left fore-hoof is between her legs and she appears to be rubbing herself. In a brief moment she bows her head to the sheets and sniffs them. before picking the picture frame back up and continuing on with whatever it is she is doing.
You back up a bit and look over at Dusty who appears to be more worried. Her shakes his head and mouths out, "Something's wrong."

What do you do?
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