An intrepid young filly is caught up in an adventure when all of the household objects around her come to life!
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A lewd CYOA
A pegasus filly with a knack for finding things named Hidden Gem and her best friend Dusty Miller, a young moth-pony colt, have teamed up with Crystal Lattice, a local town creep and aspiring amateur alchemist to try to save their town from going crazy after something on a hill top begins to make household objects come to life, and may possibly be driving ponies crazy.
Thus far these brave foals have managed to defeat Animated Appliances and crazy horny ponies, As well as save Both Gem and Dusty's mothers! Now they face Some strange creature at the top of a glowing hill!
This is where your adventure continues.

Hidden Gem Max HP: 94
-Bash 20 accuracy 85%
-Drop bash 30 accuracy 60%
-Sky defend accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%
-Static charge (Interrupt enemy attack Must obtain cloud first) accuracy 70%

Dusty Miller
>(Currently under the effects of a Mammoth potion)
Current HP:250 [Temporary Max 280]
Stomp 40 80%
Body Slam 55 60% (20% to grapple)
Tusk Charge 60 70%
mammoth toss 50 + higher weight (70% - weight modifier)
Due to the effects of the potion, Dusty gains a 50% resistance to damage and is now resilient to cold, he also looses his ability to fly. Dusty is also unable to use healing items meant for a regular sized pony.
[Base Stats]
Max HP:70
-Bash 10 accuracy 80%
-Intercept (Block enemy attack taking 50% of the damage it would deal) 70%
-Sky defend accuracy 90%
-Observe accuracy 100%

Crystal Lattice Max HP:120
>Buck 10 60%
>Flurry strike 5 damage (Chain of strikes with weapon or hooves until a strike fails) accuracy 50%
>Tackle 5 40% (20% to grapple)
>Potion ?
>Swipe 5 80% only counters attackers
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