An intrepid young filly is caught up in an adventure when all of the household objects around her come to life!
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2017-07-23 12:03:31 No. 30576982
A lewd CYOA

Aliens have invaded!
With a meteor falling from the sky your town was put into peril and Night wouldn't end, but you and your brave friends climbed to the impact crater and defeated an alien and a very rude robot as the sun rose.
Now you stand victorious with the defeated alien in a tree and the robot reduced to a gaggle of smoldering pieces.

Hidden Gem HP: 143 >SP:4
[Actions] Nails +35%
-Bash 35 accuracy 85% NB +7
-Drop bash 45 accuracy 70% +11
-Sky defend accuracy 90%
-Static charge (Interrupt enemy attack, Must obtain cloud first) accuracy 70%
>Speed Stave (1 extra action can be taken per turn for one SP)

Dusty Miller HP:115
-Bash 20 accuracy 80%
-Intercept (Block enemy attack taking 50% of the damage it would deal) 70%
-Sky defend accuracy 90%
-Observe accuracy 100%
>Ray Gun 50 accuracy 40% (3 turn cool-down)

Crystal Lattice HP:135
-Buck 20 60%
-Flurry strike 5 damage (Chain of strikes with weapon or hooves until a strike fails) accuracy 55%
-Tackle 25 50% (25% to grapple)
-Potion ?
-Swipe 10 80% (Interrupts attacks on Crystal only counters attackers)
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