An intrepid young filly is caught up in an adventure when all of the household objects around her come to life!
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2016-09-03 05:19:11 No. 28331472
"The intrepid and beautiful space vigilante makes her way across the strange alien landscape.
As she scopes out the landscape she watches for the ruthless space admiral who seeks to bring her in for taking the law into her own hooves. She plays a deadly game as the sneaky admiral could be around any corner. Unsure of how to proceed our heroine stands atop the ruins of an unknown civilization surveying her surroundings, with her hoof ready to grab her space ray, if she needs to do battle."

You are the filly Hidden Gem and currently you are playing space ponies in the city junkyard with your friend Dusty Miller.

How do you proceed?

2016-09-03 06:04:39 No. 28331972
You climb to higher ground to look for the admiral. Unfortunately he is nowhere in sight.
"Blast, He must be hiding."
You grip your space-gun and continue your search.
Hiding does seem like the type of thing Dusty would do, you decide to start taunting him so he'll show himself.
"Dusty!..I mean, Admiral Blortz! Prepare to surrender yourself, I Captain Savage of the Space Rangers have you surrounded!
The admiral pops out of the top of an derelict space-craft.
>"You're lying Captain! You have no space crew!"
"So you finally show yourself coward!"
>"I'm... I'm not a coward... I'm a admir...admiral."
"They why were you hiding!?"
>"I was setting my trap! that you walked in! Captain I give you this last chance! come with me and I'll make sure the law is liniment with you! I don't want to have to blast you since you did those things for the right reasons but it's my job!"
The two of you stand with your lazer guns drawn. On one hoof your ship is destroyed and the admiral probably has his waiting but on the other, he wants to bring you into the pokey.

How do you proceed Captain?

2016-09-03 06:44:53 No. 28332363
"You remember what happened on Taleron 5! The Black lancers can't get away with the deaths of those civilians in the gas explosions!"
>"It's not your fight alone, we need to bring them in and try them in court! It's the law!"
"Maybe you're right, and I should come with you."
Dusty seems to lower his guard.
But a Space Ranger never surrenders! Even when they are rouge! Pew Pew!"
You catch dusty by surprise and dive behind another crashed ship.
>"Ahh, you nick my shields! You were my friend, but if this is how you're gonna be I have no choice!

>Your shots do 10 imaginary damage to Dusty's shields.
Imaginary HP 30

Hidden Gem
Imaginary HP 40
-Lazer gun (range
-Tackle (melee)
-Pine-cone grenade x2 (range)

>You are behind cover, Melee attacks will decrease your cover and make you easier to hit but will negate Dusty's shields.

How do you proceed captain?

2016-09-03 07:14:13 No. 28332600
"We didn't fight the war against the Kriminoffs just to let colonists in the border worlds to again suffer at the hooves of space raiders!"
You bite down on your grenade's pin.
>"We can bring them to justice! You're hunting them down in the wrong way!"
You pull the pin and toss your grenade.
"The courts are too lenient! They'll just be let off with a slap on the wrist!"
>As you through your grenade dust takes a shoots at you and misses. Your throw is short and hits the side of the abandoned ship, missing Dusty.

>No damage dealt.
Imaginary HP 30

Hidden Gem
Imaginary HP 40
-Lazer gun (range)
-Tackle (melee)
-Pine-cone grenade x1 (range)
>You are still behind cover.

How do you proceed captain?

2016-09-03 07:50:59 No. 28332900
"Space Marshal Tolwyn has the Space Rangers on a leash. He'll just use my capture and trial for a seat on the senate, Admiral."
You dash out from being the Van star-freighter and begin firing. but in your rush your shots miss.
Dusty takes aim and fires landing a couple of shots on your shields. dealing 10 damage.
You manage to slip behind some other wreckage breathing heavily.
>"Then tell the counsel! If I vouch for you they will at least listen!"

Imaginary HP 30

Hidden Gem
Imaginary HP 30
-Lazer gun (range)
-Tackle (melee)
-Pine-cone grenade x1 (range)

How do you proceed captain?

2016-09-03 08:59:20 No. 28333497
"Do you think the counsel would really listen? They'll think that you're just trying to protect me due to our past friendship."
You toss a grenade at Dusty.
>"It's worth a..."
The pine-cone falls into the ship Dusty is occupying and dusty desperately tries jumping out of the ship.
"Pew Pew!"
You fire your laser at Dusty and hit him for 10 damage before the grenade goes off dealing an additional 20.
Dusty Pops into the air from the grenades and sort of flutters to the ground crumpling next to the ship.
Dusty breaths heavily.
>"I-it's getting cold. I think I'm a gonner."
You slip out of cover, It looks like Admiral Blortz dropped his weapon while he was running from the grenade.
Dusty lays on the ground completely at your mercy.

What do you do captain?

2016-09-03 10:00:11 No. 28333983
You walk up to dusty and kneel down beside him and remove his mask.
"Admiral Blortz. I'm sorry it had to be this way. If it means anything, I still consider you a friend."
>Dusty coughs a couple of times, "I understand.I just wish it didn't have to end this way."
"Where's your ship? We can heal you in there."
>"It's getting dark."
"Nooo! You can't die on me."
You pick Dusty's little body up in your hooves. his thick fluffy chest tuft rubs against your chest.
>"No, Gemmy. The sun is going down."
You look behind you and see that it is actually getting dark.
"He he sorry Dusty, I just got a little caught up in the moment."
>"It's okay I wish we could play longer but I don't think our parents want us out in the dark."
The two of you gather your things and start heading back out of the junkyard.
You want to keep playing with Dusty but it is getting dark. You don't have school tomorrow so you might be able to put together a sleep over but Dusty does live on the same street as well, so you can always just see him tomorrow.
You know that Dusty would never put something like that together because he really doesn't like making plans. he's a lot more of a follower than a leader.

What do you want to do?

2016-09-03 11:16:26 No. 28334472
"Dusty, do you know anyone who might want to play the leader of the Black Lancers or Space Marshal Tolwyn?"
>"No, why would anyone want to be the bad guys?"
"I don't know. Hey Dusty?"
"Did you have fun?"
>"What do you mean?"
"Do you have fun, you know, playing with me?"
>"Of course I do! Why would you think that I don't?"
"I don't know, you kind of die a lot when we are make-believing. What's up with that?"
>"I don't know, I see that stuff a lot in movies and I think it's cool."
"Huh. So do you maybe want ta... stay the night at my house and eat dinner over there?"
>"Of course I do! I mean that sounds fun!"
You go in for a hug, but in a swift motion you toss Dusty on your back.
"You did almost get me back there, but you are still my prisoner."
The two of you chuckel about this and you carry your surprisingly light friend home with you.
You ask your mom if Dusty can spend the night. Your mom calls Dusty's parents and okays it with them.
You eat some salads for dinner.
Dad is working out of town this week so he isn't home.
After eating you and Dusty try brainstorming the fun things you can do before going to bed.
You both come up with video-games board-games building a pillow fort. Watching movies from the closet, playing with your toys and watching cartoons.

What will you two do?

2016-09-04 10:32:53 No. 28342130
You both decide to build a pillow fort and watch some movies. After popping into Dad's secret stash you find a horror movie called Ponevil Dead. It's about ghosts possessing some ponies staying in a house. There is a scene where one of the ponies goes running through the woods. Vines grab her, they pull her to the ground. Dusty holds onto you tightly which is an action you soon mimic. The vines eagerly climb up her leg and...
You hear a loud boom come from out side that sends both you and Dusty jumping
After the two of you gather yourselves you look out the window to try and see what's happened.
All you can see is an eerie green glow coming from the top of a nearby hill.
>"What is that?"
"I don't know, But it sure did make a loud entrance."
You feel the ground shake beneath you.

What do you do?

2016-09-04 11:09:34 No. 28342367
The quake quickly subsides.
You go to gear up. You're not fighting Deadites un-armed.
You grab your trusty Dart Gun laser pistol.
>"Gemmy!? Why is Celestia's green country would you grab a dart gun?"
"So I can protect you..."
>"I think we can protect ourselves better with our hooves. Besides, don't you have something like a bat. Or maybe a weapon that your father might have around.
"There's a bat and a lacrosse stick in the garage but my dad usually takes hie weapons with him on business trips.
Just as you're trying to think up more weapons to you your mother comes down the stairs. >You mother gives you a groggy groan, What did you kids do down here?"
"It's the Deadites mom! They're here to swallow our souls!"
>"Deadites!?. Were you two watching scary movies?"
"Yeah... Maybe..."
>"well, if you two need to patrol the house just do it quietly. I'll make sure to have you clean up your mess in the morning, and sweetie don't stay up too late."
"But Mom! There's a scary green glow coming from the top of the hill!"
>"Just... Please Gemmy it's two in the morning. I need to work tomorrow."
Your mom turns around and heads upstairs.

What do you do?

2016-09-04 11:38:47 No. 28342517
You and Dusty head to the garage and equip Dusty with a lacrosse stick and yourself with a baseball-bat.
"Alright Dusty, I think we should go to sleep, but lets keep these things on us while we do."
>"A-alright Gem. it's probably just our imaginations anyway right?"
You hear a vacuum cleaner turn on.
>"Hidden Gem? Does you mom usually vacuum in the middle of the night?"
"No Dusty, no she doesn't."
>"Oh... So this is weird right?"
"Yeah... It's pretty weird..."

What do you do?

2016-09-05 12:02:50 No. 28342635
>"C-can those deadites you read about on the back of that tape-box control vacuum cleaners Gem?
"I-i don't think they can... at least they didn't in the film yet."
You manage to dig out a couple of flashlights and a pair of walkie-talkies.
>"What are those for?"
"I don't know Dusty, just in case I guess."
The two of you head inside. You start to go to mom's room to see why she turned the vacuum on but on the way you find the vacuum standing in your way flailing it's auxiliary hose and cord at you and Dusty menacingly.
As you try to move it closes in further on the two of you before trying to whip at you a couple of times with it's cord.

You are now fighting Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner.

Hidden Gem HP:47
-drop bash
-Sky defend

Dusty Miller HP:35
-sky defend

Choose an action for both Gem and Dusty.

2016-09-05 12:36:33 No. 28342816
"Ahh! Sweet Celestia!"

Hidden Gem uses Drop Bash, dealing 20 damage.
Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner uses hose whip, and misses.
Dusty observes the Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner
>Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner
>HP: 80/100
>-Hose whip 10 accuracy 70%
>-Cord whip 5 accuracy 90%
>-Ram 10 90% (ground only)
>Weak to attacks on the bag.

Hidden Gem HP:47
-drop bash
-Sky defend

Dusty Miller HP:35
-sky defend

What do you do?

2016-09-05 01:10:07 No. 28342951
>"Gem, It the bag! I think it's weak there!"
"Got it! The bag it is!"

Gem uses Drop bash, and misses.
Silver-back vacuum cleaner Rams dusty, dealing 10 damage.
As the vacuum hits Dusty, Dusty Swings at the Vacuum cleaner. Dusty hits the bag dealing 2X damage, Dusty summons all of his strength to deal 2x more damage with a critical hit dealing 20 damage!

>Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner
>HP: 60/100

Hidden Gem HP:47
-Drop bash
-Sky defend

Dusty Miller HP:25
-Sky defend

2016-09-05 01:53:04 No. 28343106
"Dusty! are you okay!?"
>Dusty coughs, "Yeah, doing fine. This is weird right!?"
Dusty used Sky defend
Hidden gen Bashed the vacuum's bag dealing 2x damage resulting in 20 damage.
Silver-back vacuum cleaner uses cord whip in Hidden gem, dealing 5 damage.

>Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner
>HP: 40/100

Hidden Gem HP:42
-Drop bash
-Sky defend

Dusty Miller HP:25
-Sky defend

What do you do?

2016-09-05 02:34:36 No. 28343223
"Hey you Deadite! Get outta our Vacuum Cleaner!"
Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner uses hose whip on Hidden gem dealing 10 damage.
Dusty uses bash on Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner on the front, dealing 5 damage.
Hidden Gen uses Drop bash on the Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner's bag dealing 2X damage resulting in 40 damage.

Silver-back Vacuum Cleaner turns back to normal and flops over, powering down.

Both you and Dusty sit there for a moment waiting for the vacuum cleaner to start moving again... Dusty pokes it with his stick.
>"G-gemmy I'm sorry we had to killy your mom's vacuum cleaner..."
"I think mom might prefer it dead."
>"We did make a lot of noise. I wonder why your mom didn't come down here."
Suddenly it occurs to you that the vacuum might not be the only thing that came to life.
"D-dusty? You don't suppose anything else came to life do you?"
>Dusty's wings droop with his ears, "A-and got your mom!?"
You begin to panic.

2016-09-05 10:44:23 No. 28349998
You Rush up to mom's room, still a bit scuffed up from fighting a vacuum to Mom and dad's room to make sure nothing got to mom.Dusty follows you closely, so much so that you periodically feel his chest floof rubbing on your flank.
You slowly open the door to try not to wake up mom if nothing got to her Inside you see mom and dad's chest of drawers creeping up an the bed with clothing flailing wildly from the drawers like tentacles. The Chest of drawers pulls mom's back massager out and flips it on in one of it's appendages.
You see Mom's bowl of choco-drops next to the door.(candy)

What do you do?

2016-09-05 11:23:55 No. 28350240
>You mom groggily stirs at the sound of her back massager, "Gem what are you..."
"Mom, Wake up! It's gonna get you!"
The drawers turn their attention to you as the blanket on the bed slips into one of it's drawers, as the blanket slips in to the draw it wraps up around mom. Mom yelps sharply as the blanket squeezes her into a cocoon and the drawers drag her off the mattress onto the floor.
"Dusty eat some candy! I think we're in for a fight."

Dusty eats 1 of five servings of candy and replenishes 10 of the 20 health a serving of candy restores.
Gem bashes the drawers dealing 10 damage
The draws whip Gem and get a critical hit dealing 20 damage!
Mom screams uncontrollably.

>You are now fighting Chester Drawers.

Hidden Gem HP: 22
-Bash 10 accuracy 80%
-Drop bash 20 accuracy 50%
-Sky defend accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%

Dusty Miller HP:35
-Bash 5 accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%
-Sky defend accuracy 80%
-Observe accuracy 100%

>Any character can use shared items.
Items 4 servings od choco-drops

What do you do?

2016-09-05 11:57:14 No. 28350474
Your heart flutters as you remember what the tree was doing in that movie you watched... Could-could this happen to you!?

Gem uses bash on the mirror, the mirror is a weak point dealing 2X damage resulting in 20 damage!
Dusty uses observe and learns about Chester Drawers.
Chester Drawers uses Constrict on Dusty and captures him.
>grappled party members get different moves while they are grappled also enemies can preform actions on captured party members in addition to other party members in a single turn.
Mom continues screaming as she is tossed around a bit.
>Chester drawers
>HP 110/150
>Whip 10 accuracy 80%
>massager smack 15 accuracy 70% (chance to addle 10%)
>Charge 30 accuracy 40%
>Constrict (Grapples party member) accuracy 50%
>-Weak points:The mirror, can disarm by pulling cloth out of drawer(does not damage Chester Drawers)
>Cloth Appendages HP:30

Hidden Gem HP: 22
-Bash 10 accuracy 80%
-Drop bash 20 accuracy 50%
-Sky defend accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%

Dusty Miller HP:35
-Struggle (Attempt to escape) 50%
-Kick 5 40%
-Bite 5 & (Attempt to escape) 20%

Items 4 servings of choco-drops

What do you do?

2016-09-06 10:03:26 No. 28356255
Chester Drawers Squeezes Dusty dealing 5 damage.
Chester Drawers also tries to whip Hidden gem and fails.
Dusty struggles against Chester Drawers' grip and escapes.
Hidden gen eats a serving of choco-drops and recovers 20 HP
Mom seems to calm down a little bit. She is no longer screaming. She is still getting violently thrashed around with every broad moment of the Chest of drawers.

>Chester Drawers
>HP 110/150

Hidden Gem HP: 42
-Bash 10 damage accuracy 80%
-Drop bash 20 damage accuracy 50%
-Sky Defend accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%

Dusty Miller HP:30
-Bash 5 Damage - accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%
-Sky Defend accuracy 80%

Items: 3 servings of choco-drops

What do you do?

2016-09-06 10:55:11 No. 28356557
Hidden Gem uses Bash on the blanket holding mom and deals 10 damage to blanket
Dusty Miller uses Bash on the blanket holding mom and deals an additional 5 damage to the blanket.
Chester Drawers uses Charge on Hidden Gem and deals 30 damage.
>Chester Drawers hold on the blanket currently has 5 HP left.
>Chester drawers
>HP 110/150

Hidden Gem HP: 12
-Bash 10 damage accuracy 80%
-Drop bash 20 damage accuracy 50%
-Sky Defend accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%

Dusty Miller HP:30
-Bash 5 Damage - accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%
-Sky Defend accuracy 80%

Items: 3 servings of choco-drops

Meant to put this in the last post but you can try to flee, how successful your attempt to flee is is dependent on the enemy and current battle location. Fleeing from battle will sacrifice your entire turn while your party attempts to flee and any currently grappled allies will bu stuck with the enemies if the attempt is successful. Also trying to carry knocked out party members will slow you down but knocked out party members can also be left to your enemy if you flee if you choose. If fleeing from battle is unsuccessful enemy attacks for that turn will go as planned and you essentially just loose that turn.

Also taunting is not a separate move in LandFall you may toss in dialog for all party members during combat which may help if you try to taunt enemies.

What do you do?

2016-09-06 11:39:31 No. 28356810
Hidden Gem eats a serving of choco-drops and replenishes 20 HP
Dusty attacks the blanket with a bash and deals 5 damage. The blanket falls out of the drawer and releases it's grip on mom!
Hidden Gem yells, "Get away from my Mom!"
Chester drawers uses Constrict on Hidden Gem and manages to grapple her!
Mom quickly flails her way out of the blanket and shoots a nasty stare at Chester Drawers.

>Chester drawers
>HP 110/150

Hidden Gem HP: 32
-Struggle (Attempt to escape) 50%
-Kick 5 40%
-Bite 5 & (Attempt to escape) 20%

Dusty Miller HP:30
-Bash 5 Damage - accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%
-Sky Defend accuracy 80%

Items: 2 servings of choco-drops

What do you do?

2016-09-07 10:42:59 No. 28363865
You scream, "Help!"
>Dusty's voice cracks, "Leave my friend alone!"
Chester Drawers squeezes Hidden Gem and deals 5 damage.
hidden Gem Struggles and manages to free herself from Chester Drawer's clutches.
As Gmmy hits the ground Chester Drawers smacks Hidden Gem's snootle with the massager dealing 15 damage.
You try to yell for mom to help you but before you can your mother begins using flurry kick on Chester drawer's mirror hitting twice at 5 damage each strike. since she is hitting the mirror the dame is doubled resulting in 20 damage.
Dusty bashes the mirror dealing 2X damage resulting in 10 damage.

>Chester drawers
>HP 80/150

Hidden Gem HP: 12
-Bash 10 accuracy 80%
-Drop bash 20 accuracy 50%
-Sky defend accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%

Dusty Miller HP:35
-Bash 5 accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%
-Sky defend accuracy 80%
-Observe accuracy 100%

Items: 2 servings of choco-drops

What do you do?

2016-09-08 12:22:42 No. 28364435
Dusty uses Observe on Mom. Dusty feels a bit of a flutter in his heart.

>HP 40/75
>Flurry kick 5 damage (Chain of kicks until a kick fails) accuracy 50%
>Bash 15 accuracy 80%
>Air Slam 50 (20 damage to self regardless of success) accuracy 60%
>Sky defend accuracy 80%
>Defend accuracy 90%
>Weak to elemental attacks, hits to the face. Strong against element-less magic.

>Chester drawers
>HP 65/150

Hidden Gem HP: 32
-Bash 10 accuracy 80%
-Drop bash 20 accuracy 50%
-Sky defend accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%

Dusty Miller HP:25
-Bash 5 accuracy 80%
-Defend accuracy 90%
-Sky defend accuracy 80%
-Observe accuracy 100%

Items: a servings of choco-drops

What do you do?

2016-09-08 09:42:12 No. 28371057
Mom tries to bash Chester and misses.
Dusty bashes the mirror dealing 2X damage resulting in 10 damage.
Chester Drawers attempts to shove the massager into Hidden gems mouth but only manages to smack her in the face dealing 15 damage.
Gemmy yells, "Get away from us!"
Hidden Gem uses drop bash on Chester drawers' mirror dealing 2X damage. Hidden Gem managed to land a critical hit! Hidden Gem deals a total of 80 damage and crushing Chester's mirror.
The Chest of drawers returns to it's normal inanimate Self.


You find Mom's Back massager, Dad's baseball cards, Mom's clothes and Dad's clothes.

>Mom is breathing heavily. "What... What in the world was that!?"

What do you do?

2016-09-08 10:30:53 No. 28371388
You take all of the loot.
You run up and give your mother the biggest hug you can muster.
"The deadites are invading and bringing our stuff to life!"
>You mom returns your big hug with a bigger one, "Deadites? did you kids get into the scay tapes?"
>"Sweetie, there is no such thing as soul swallowing deadites. Besides, they would have had to come from the Necronomicon if they were deadites."
>Dusty speaks up The appliances and furniture are coming to life and attacking. Like we fought your vacuum before we came up here."
>"So you kids weren't cleaning up after yourselves down there, I take it."
>Dusty Picks up the massager, "By the way you looked really good while you were fighting miss. Notesie."
>"Uhh, thank you Dusty?"
"I think the things coming to life had something to do with a bang we heard outside before the hill started glowing."
>"Oh... Dear... Well you kid sound like it's been a rough night. I think I have some vanilla pudding downstairs that we could all eat.

You listen in the dark room for things moving around. you hear sirens going off outside.

Dusty asks, "What is this thing?"
"It's mom's back massager, turn it on and rub it on your back. it feels good!"

What do you do?

2016-09-08 11:11:47 No. 28371660
Dusty Flips the massager on and rolls his back on it on the floor.
>Dusty lets out a satisfied coo, "You're right. this does feel really good.
"The pudding sounds really good right now mom, but I need to check something first."
You scramble over to the window and look out.
It looks like there is still an eerie green glow coming from atop the nearby hill. From up here you can see that the trees look like they've been pushed away from the top of the hill and there seems to be a new bald-spot on top of the hill.
>You notice that Dusty has cozies up to you to look as well., "What do you think?"
"It looks like aliens... Do you think that maybe this could be our one and only chance to actually see space aliens?
>"Well maybe... But..."
>"Look if you're going I want ta help but maybe we should let somepony else deal with aliens. I mean, what if they're outlaw aliens?"
"I don't know, lets get that pudding though."
You head downstairs with Dust and eat some pudding. HP restored to max!
You ask mom to join your party.
"Come on mom, you don't have to be a cadet, maybe you could be an ensign or a general."
>"No sweetie. I don't want to fight anything, and you shouldn't either. it's dangerous."
"But mom anything could come alive in the hose, ANYTHING..."
>"How about this. if you really want to go outside, you can always come back here and I'll try to keep you in fighting shape. But I would really rather you both just went to sleep.
>Dusty chimes in, "I don't think we can sleep, this is just way too spooky. What if they get us in out sleep?"

>Dusty whispers to you, "These cards don't have any players I know, they all look old."

You kind of want to go outside and see what that glow is but both Dusty and Mom seem to think it's way too dangerous... But maybe, you could stop this weird stuff from happening! Like a real space ranger!
What do you do?

2016-09-11 12:20:20 No. 28390481
You look over the baseball cards but none of the pictures really mean anything to you.
You also restock the batteries in the walkie-talkies and flashlights.
"Dusty what do you think about armor, could we maybe make some?:
>"I don't know maybe you could use your helmet."
"No my space helmet is a little... not really that grate for protection, also it makes my head sore after a while."
>"Oh, then why do you wear it while we are playing space ponies?"
"Because... It looks cool."
"It does look cool right?"
>"Yeah, totally!"
>Your Mom interrupts your conversation, "dusty sweetie... I've been trying to call your mother but all I can get is the answering machine. Your mother is supposed to be home right?"
>Dusty looks worried, "Ye-yeah. She should be home... Ad she has a phone right next to the bed..."
You try to think of other things to take from the house but you're drawing blanks. Also if Dusty's mom is in trouble, you both might want to find her or at least deal with that green glow. You look at the clock, it's 3:30, What do you do?

2016-09-11 01:23:26 No. 28390867
You and dusty Grab a cookie and a cheese stick each.
>Cookie- restores 30HP
>Cheese Stick- restores 50HP
"Mom, I think we're going to go check on Dusty's mom.
>Your Mom gives you an exhausted yawn, alright sweetie. I'll be here trying to get a hold of my life. Be careful."
You and Dusty take a run down the hill over to Dusty's cul-de-sac. Once you get to Dusty's house you see that all of the lights are on.
You hear sirens still going off all around, most of them sound distant.
"Dusty, Are you going to be okay?"
>"Yeah. I just... Yeah, I'll be fine, but we might want to sneak in instead of using the front door."
"What ways can we get in?"
>"My door size siding window on the second story could work. also the back door leads to the dining and living room. We can also use my Mom's bathroom window..."
You ponder your best way inside.

What do you do?

2016-09-11 09:54:03 No. 28397937
"Dusty, is there anything in your room we might be able to use?"
>"I'm not sure, I have my toys in there and my pet fish but other than that I can't think of anything really useful... well maybe I could get some clothes or my shin guards. and maybe my saddle bags, but nothing that would be useful right away it there are monsters in the house."
You fly up to Dusty's parent's bathroom window and peek inside. The Shower is running and the floor looks wet. You cannot hear anything over the running shower from outside.
The window is loose and the two of you stealthily hop in.
You still can't hear anything over the shower but you assume that the rest of the house may be able to hear the shower running. What do you do?

2016-09-11 10:38:03 No. 28398290
You already entered the Bathroom.
You slowly crack the door to Dusty's parents room open and peer inside. There doesn't seem to be any pony in here.
Looking around you find Dust's parent's water-bed, their bed-room TV, the family computer and their closet.
Now that you're out of the bathroom you can hear a sort of bumping sound coming from beyond the closet Which shares a wall with Dusty's room.
The shower is still loud enough to mask some of the noise you are making if you want to discuss tactics with Dusty.

What do you do?

2016-09-11 11:05:04 No. 28398447
Dusty looks panicked
"What's wrong?"
>"Do you hear that? I think something has my mom.... I'm scared Gem."
Yo gulp thinking about what kind of horrible fate Dusty's mom could be experiencing.
You listen closely to the closet, but all you can hear is the soft thuds.
"D-don't worry Dusty. I'm Sh-sure she's fine."

You touch the water-bed and feel it's sloshy contents shift about. You really really REALLY want to play around on it... You really do, but this might not be the safest time to do that.

Shaking off your impulsive desires you approach the door.
"Hey Dusty, Get your stick ready I'm going to open the door."
>Dusty nods "yes" and sets down next to you near the door.
You slowly open the door and peer inside. The hall is empty with only a stair-stepper to your left on the landing.
Looking at the exercise machine it does not appear to be alive.
Downstairs you can hear a television blarring some program.
You can still hear soft thuds coming from Dusty's room.

What do you do?

2016-09-11 11:56:44 No. 28398742
You creep down the stairs and take to the air to briefly look around downstairs. You don't see any ponies or monsters but you do hear something shift a bit as you look around the room from the stairwell. The shift you head worries you a bit and you decide to head back.
You look over at Dusty and shake your head "no." Both of you climb the stairs and get close to Dusty's room door.
You put your ear to the door and listen. In addition to the soft thuds you can hear light feminine moaning coming from the door.
You crack open the door and peer inside. Dusty's Mom is on Dusty's bed holding a picture frame, her left fore-hoof is between her legs and she appears to be rubbing herself. In a brief moment she bows her head to the sheets and sniffs them. before picking the picture frame back up and continuing on with whatever it is she is doing.
You back up a bit and look over at Dusty who appears to be more worried. Her shakes his head and mouths out, "Something's wrong."

What do you do?

2016-09-12 09:30:05 No. 28404471
Dusty observes his own Mother.
>HP: ???/ 200
>Drop Kick 25 75%
>Tackle 15 75% (25% to gapple)
>Gale (Knock-back effect)
>Weak to attacks on the head, nethers and wings. Can attack twice on crits -Cannot deal critical damage.

2016-09-12 09:30:06 No. 28404472
You close the door.
"Dusty what's wrong?"
>"I-I've never seen mom do that. Do you think she's possessed?"
"I don't think so, she looks fine to me, even if she is rubbing her crotch."
>"I don't know, she's on my bed and smelling my sheets..."
"Well she doesn't look like she's going anywhere. Is there anypony else that should be in the house? Where's your dad."
Dusty looks at the floor.
>"Dad? Dad doesn't live here anymore. Mom said that they needed a break from each-other." "Oh, well any Idea when he's come back?"
You hear some more things shift downstairs.
>"Dusty!?" Dusty's mom's voice calls out.

What do you do?

2016-09-12 10:33:40 No. 28404947
You and Dusty stat trying to run every which way until you both finally duck into the bathroom next to Dusty's room.
Once inside Dusty Quickly rushes into the back of the bathroom and hops in the tub before drawing the shower curtain.
"Dusty, what are you doing!?"
>"My mom is possessed be evil ghosts and she's coming to get me and I Don'tKnowHowToTurnHerBackAndWhatIfSheNeverLovesMeAgain and and... I just want my mom back."
"Dusty Maybe we're just overreacting maybe she's fine."
>"but what if she isn't how do I get my normal mom back?"
"I don't know What happened with the other things that went all crazy like the vacuum?"
>"We beat it up and it turned normal... But my mom was already alive!"

>You hear the voice carry from the hallway, "Dusty Sweetie, if you're there mamma needs you, Please, I need my little cuddle bug."
"I don't know she really doesn't seem too strange."
>"Why is she sniffing my sheets?"
"Maybe she just misses you."
>"Why was she rubbing herself then?"
"I dunno, sometimes I do that too... it feels really good."
>"You do? Whatever, why did my mom leave the shower on when she always tells me to stop being a water-waster-roo?"
"That- No that is weird."
>"It's all weird, my mom doesn't do these things. Something has taken her over!.. and I just want her back."

What do you do?

2016-09-12 11:34:46 No. 28405313
You look around the bathroom for supplies.
You find TP Soap shampoo Dusty's pet fish and a boom box.
"Dusty, why do you have a boom-box under your sink?"
>"I like to listen to music when I'm in the tub."
You open the door to Dusty's room. Inside you see that the door was left open and Dusty's mom is now missing from Dusty's bed.
You pop back into the bathroom.
"Do you think we might be able to snap her out of possession with cold water?"
>"I don't think so. It's not like she's sleepwalking."
"Yeah, I guess you're right. What if we find another possessed pony that we can experiment with getting the ghosts out of on the street?"
>"Do you think that's safe? What if they're stronger than my mom?"
"Well at least we can try some things out on somepony else instead of your mom until we know what's safe."
>"yeah... I guess."
"We're going to save your mom, don't worry."
All of a sudden you wish that your dad was here. Unfortunately he was called away for a business trip. You have a number to call him at but as much as you might miss him now, it's not the time for phone calls.
Listening to the house you hear the TV blaring downstairs Dusty's Mom's shower running and something bumping around below in what you think is the living/dining room.

What do you do?
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