You, a unicorn, have inherited your family's cloud business. Can you keep control of the Barony while sinister actions are plotted against you?
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!!BfgNt0j+IPD 2015-12-15 12:04:29 No. 25773113
You're a pony, that much is obvious. But WHAT kind of pony are you? Discuss, I'll put a poll up shortly to tally.

-Earth Pony: You're just as smart, but stronger and tougher than other kinds of ponies. Flying and magic is for jerks.

-Pegasi: Being a pegasi means flying, and that means having a unique perspective on things. You can fly (and even run) circles around most other ponies, and your mind is just as quick. The world can be a scary place, but your wings are a constant reminder of how easy it can be to 'get on top of things'.

-Bat Pony: You're... Different. Where as your more mundane kin often enjoy the attention they get for their quick antics, the attention you get makes you weary of getting any more. You have a legacy of betrayal stretching back to the Sister's Feud, the civil war that tore Equestria asunder; somewhere down the line your ancestor pledged themselves to Nightmare Moon. Being an inside-yet-outsider however has steeled your heart and mind, and having something to prove gives you determination.

-Unicorn: Magic is in your very nature, and most likely a major part of your life. A world of magic and wonder is constantly at your hoofs, from minor incantations to mighty displays of arcane might. Or at least, they are if you study and are gifted. For everyone else, well... Telekinesis can be pretty useful in any profession.
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