Your magic has been taken from you. Escape.
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2015-04-14 01:27:05 No. 22639110
Stretch out slowly to see if anything might be broken or strained. Don't fuck with your head or neck though because there might be some trauma there.

2015-04-14 01:28:36 No. 22639125
If the head wound is any indication it looks like she WAS a unicorn

Feel around the walls for any give in them for an escape

2015-04-14 01:29:05 No. 22639127
so as i see it we only got the ways of 'making a lot of noise and hope for something' or 'find something inside there'.

let's check the inside more carefully. go along the edges and the floor. anything?

if nothing's there i only see making a racket as an option. ideas?

2015-04-14 01:31:34 No. 22639144
You feel around your head wound. You find a broken piece of bone sticking from your head. It's the source of the blood.
You must have been a unicorn.
You can't remember anything.
You look over your body for any other wounds. There are none.
You try and stop what's left of your horn from bleeding, but touching the area directly hurts.
You need something to cover it.
You continue to make noise in the container, but nothing happens.
Nothing else is in the container with you.
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