Your magic has been taken from you. Escape.
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2015-04-14 05:35:42 No. 22641650
but anon if he makes it too cryptic people will get stumped and the last thing we need is it taking 2 hours for people to figure out what they need to be doing.

But then again he has pictures and I didn't so I guess he can be excused, it's still a valid claim though pictures or not.

2015-04-14 05:37:25 No. 22641671
We literally decided to go to sleep because we couldn't figure out what to do while trapped in the container.

2015-04-14 05:36:44 No. 22641665
Is the box locked? What does it look like? Is it heavy? Shake the box a little. Is there something inside?

2015-04-14 05:35:50 No. 22641652
Look around for the giant or any other dangers. Make sure you're safe or get to somewhere safe before looking at the box.

2015-04-14 05:35:49 No. 22641651
take it and leave quickly before opening it. Don't want to be there if the giant decides to come back
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