Your magic has been taken from you. Escape.
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2015-04-14 05:40:55 No. 22641708
Probably don't want to force it open.
Let's force it open becaue you'll all say that anyways.

2015-04-14 05:41:33 No. 22641714
There is either something good in the box or something bad. I think we should just keep it in our inventory for now and not open it. What do other people think about this?

2015-04-14 05:43:50 No. 22641743
See if you can open it without a lock example: locked with pressure , if you can't force it open with the shovel

2015-04-14 05:43:56 No. 22641745
Put it in your bag and get the hell out of there.
We can open it later when we find somewhere safe to properly hide.

2015-04-14 05:45:04 No. 22641757
I kinda hope this doesn't turn out to be a "Twilight turns into a tyrant and runs Equestria into the ground" story
if that is her cutie mark, anyway

2015-04-14 05:45:44 No. 22641766
Looks like Twi's qt mark, though our character can't possibly know that.
By the way, do we have a name or are we just nameless shovel mare right now?
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