You are Anonymous, a human appeared in a world of massive ponies. What will you do when a certain animal lover takes note of you?
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2013-04-04 10:23:03 No. 9603484
Alright macrofags, we're going to try something a bit different these next few days.

I present(Attempt): Macro Quest!
The incredibly interactive story where suggestions are made, and shitty drawings are made based off them!

You are anon. You're in Equestria because reasons. You're also small because reasons.
Somewhere between the sizes of micro and tiny. The perspective in this world is strange, so you can't really tell.
Regardless, swift death and ketchup will become of you if you aren't careful.

The story:
You have a craving for Cinnamon toast crunch. Use your wits, cunning, and incredibly developed social skills to find to find the holy grail of cereal.
Though at this point you'll probably forget that priority.

But just one thing, where are we?
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