You're woken up from a stone prison to save a world you no longer know with ponies you don't know.
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2015-05-19 10:31:07 No. 23119044
But then where are they? If they had a way at least one of the rules would be free and fighting. It's a ghost town though.
How about this, we ask the old guy if there up before we make a final decision.

2015-05-19 10:46:12 No. 23119259
"I saved your life," you choke out.
>"Bullshit! Milk's not supposed to taste like that! That's shit's spoiled as fuck!"
She presses her crossbow against your gut.
>"Now tell me. What did you do to my drink?
Paperwork snaps out of his shock and rushes forward.
>"It's the truth! Don't shoot! Look around, everyone is frozen. He chose to revive you!"
She glances around, never loosening her grip on your neck or her weapon.
>"There was a Medusa," Paperwork continues. "It froze everything years ago, that's why your drink is bad, I swear!"
She huffs and tosses you to the ground. You hear a faint "Aww, boo" in the background.

As the griffon looks around, you ask Paperwork about the princesses and general state of the city.
>"The princesses are nowhere to be found. The guards either ran off once they realized what was happening, got turned to stone, or have fallen to the monsters roaming near the castle.
>"If you're thinking about saving that last vial, don't. Spend it now, you'll need it. If you can stop what's causing all this mayhem, I'm sure everyone will be turned back to normal."
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