You're woken up from a stone prison to save a world you no longer know with ponies you don't know.
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Last up is the night guard. You think about disarming her before applying the vial, but that's not possible. You don't know the mechanics of her claw gauntlets enough to tamper with them successfully, not to mention she's wearing them and is frozen.

You pour the final vial onto her and wait for her to animate. When she comes to, you see her chew for a bit before grimacing. Her face distorts into one of disgust, but she toughs through it and eventually swallows. She lets out a little "Bleh" before reaching for her drink. Having learned your lesson from the griffon, you move to stop her.
>"Excuse me, sir, can I help you?"
Her swiveling ears tell you that she's noticed the relative silence, but she keeps her attention trained on you.
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