You're woken up from a stone prison to save a world you no longer know with ponies you don't know.
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2015-05-20 04:24:21 No. 23126151
Everyone should kit themselves out as much as possible:
-Polearm (optional)

2015-05-20 04:25:48 No. 23126161
And here I was the only one wanting the dog.

Everyone needs armor and a melee weapon.

2015-05-20 04:30:54 No. 23126244
We should grab lighter armor, which probably means we'll be grabbing night guard armor. Make sure we can still retain our agility and speed.

2015-05-20 04:45:52 No. 23126440
This was a festival week right? Ask eve if she knows where they would keep thing like fireworks

2015-05-20 04:51:01 No. 23126504
Eve dawns a new set of Night Guard armor and replaces her broken claws.
Jet settles on a heavy leather coat. He says he's not a fan of heavier armor, especially if it's metal. Gotta be able to stab himself at a moments notice, he says. He does opt for his own pair of claws and stows away his dagger for safe keeping. He's not proficient in polearm use at all and would rather avoid using it.
Gisela takes a standard issue shortsword as a secondary and wears it across her waist. None of the armors are suited for non-ponies, so she's forced to stick with her leather jacket.
You decide to upgrade to a glaive and toss out your old spear. You put on a set of night guard armor. It's heavier than you're used to, but it shouldn't impede you too much.

She says that gunpowder has likely gone bad after all this time.
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