You're woken up from a stone prison to save a world you no longer know with ponies you don't know.
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>Blitz goes for another stab
>>HIT! Spider takes 2 damage!
>Spider shoots thin string at Blitz
>>HIT! It ignites and Blitz takes 1 damage!
>Gisela takes another shot at the Spider
>>HIT! Spider takes 2 damage!

>Spider dies

"Phew, good work guys! I don't think anyone even got wounded!"
>"It's just a spider. I would've left you guys if any of you actually had trouble with it."
>"Says the one who hit her own teammate! What was that?! I thought you might've been a competent hunter, but you friendly fire?!"
>"Hey bitch, that was a fluke. I know what I'm doing. That was just an accident. Next time back off from the target."
Gisela leaves to examine the door. Jet comes walking up to you and Eve.
>"What an utterly disappointing fight. Not only did I not get to do anything, no one's even hurt!"
>"How dare you want a comrade to be hurt!"
"Guys! The fight's over, let's move on."
Eve is still fuming but stops arguing. You walk up to the door to find that it's locked.
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