You're woken up from a stone prison to save a world you no longer know with ponies you don't know.
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You and Gisela stare each other down for a few more moments, but you're the first to break their gaze.
"...Eve's right. We shouldn't be be fighting each other in a time like this. I apologize, Gisela."
You offer her your hoof. She looks at it, then at your face, then at your hoof again. She hesitates, and briefly you think she'll actually shake on it, but instead she looks away and heads to a corner table, sitting with her back towards you.
>"You just had to arrive right that moment didn't you?" Jet stands on the staircase, head resting on the guard rail. "I really wanted to see what would happen. I've no idea why you would stop them when you have a doctor nearby. Some conflict is good, you know. Helps ponies relieve themselves and even builds bonds after the fact."
Eve doesn't respond and simply gives you the items.
>"Just make the bombs so we can get this over with," she says sulkily.
"Hey. You're not wrong in wanting to stop us."
>"Yeah, I know, but still."
You leave her be and grab the rest of the materials from the tavern's storage. After a bit of science, you fashion together 3 crude smokebombs.
"The bombs are ready guys. Are we ready to head out?"

Diamond Dog would have been sad and whimpered if you yelled at her.
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