You're woken up from a stone prison to save a world you no longer know with ponies you don't know.
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2015-05-22 02:36:53 No. 23149569
I hope there's something more than birch trees out here. Have to fucking forage until we reach civilization.

2015-05-22 03:03:58 No. 23149834
>"Hungry?" Eve asks. "Yeah, me too. Feels like I haven't eaten in years."
There's a beat of silence as everyone takes the joke in. You can FEEL Gisela scowl and shake her head disapprovingly. Jet, however, bursts into a fit of laughter.
>"Bahahahahahha! Hah ha, ha... Hooo! You're alright. Next time you're hurt I might even give you an analgesic."
"Seriously though, we should look for food. And stick together. We don't know if there might be anything dangerous in here."
Your party begins scavenging for edibles. Gisela helpfully points out which ones are and aren't poisonous, setting traps down where she believes are rabbit paths. After about an hour of searching, your party comes up with a fair amount of food for everyone and even a single rabbit for the griffon.
With the sun getting ever lower, Gisela recommends setting up camp while there's still light at all.
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