You're woken up from a stone prison to save a world you no longer know with ponies you don't know.
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2015-05-22 07:51:05 No. 23153392
Well I guess we should go back. This bonding time is over so we'll have to wait until next time.

2015-05-22 08:16:27 No. 23153729
You walk back to camp to find Gisela asleep in her nest-shaped bedding. Jet is munching on some berries as he settles into his own bedding. Eve greets you on your way into the clearing, wearing a deep blush across her face and ears. She avoids eye contact.
>"Welcome back. You can go ahead and get some sleep. I'll keep watch over the night."
"You sure?"
>"Of course. I'm a Night Guard. This is basically what I do every night. So don't worry, and rest up."
"Alright then, thanks. You know, Jet and I weren't really talking about--"
>"Yeah! I know!" Her blush intensifies. "Just go to sleep already! We continue traveling in the morning."
You settle into your own bedding. Yours eyes drift closed to the sound of the burning fire and the night life.

I forgot about FNM, so I gotta call it tonight. Sorry boys. Thursday and Friday are my short days.
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