You're woken up from a stone prison to save a world you no longer know with ponies you don't know.
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Of course

>Blitz thrusts his weapon at Timberwolf3
>>HIT! Timberwolf3 takes 2 damage! Timberwolf3 is vulnerable!

>Timberwolf3 tries to run away

>Jet does nothing

>Gisela fires at the retreating Timberwolf
>>HIT! Timberwolf3 takes 2 damage!
>>Timberwolf3 crumbles

Gisela lowers her crossbow and releases a deep breath.
>"Told ya last time was a fluke. This is what happens when I'm in my element."
Eve ignores her and trots up to you to look you over.
>"You okay there, Blitz? They were gunning you down."
"Yeah, I'm fine. Close call, but I came out pretty clean."
>"No idea why they went after you instead of Doc over there." Gisela points at Jet, who is playing around with his claws. "But that's just what animals like that do. Gang up on one pony as much as possible."
You brush off your armor with a wing.
"I'm fine, thankfully. Now come on, let's keep going. I can see the bridge from here."
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