You are a supremacist white unicorn, cursed to transform into a batpony every night. How will you break your curse?
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!xO5EFsiPxo 2015-07-22 05:02:44 No. 23982869
>The incessant beeping, through great effort overtakes the pillow covering your head
>Cracking an eye open, you cautiously remove it, recoiling as the sunlight assaults your eyes
>As you use one to shield your vision, the other desperately fishes around and smacks the nightstand, searching for the offending noise
>A firm hit to the small machine silences it for good
>>Time to get up
>You yawn, planting all four hooves firmly on the ground
>Bending backwards, you pop your various joints, letting out a content sigh as your back loosens up
>Peeking forwards, your reflection greets you; white coat glistening in the sun, short, yellow mane looking a little ruffled
“Time to get the day started….”
>Heading to the kitchen of your small apartment, you pour yourself a small bowl of cereal, quickly inhaling the food as you’ve got places to be, and your boss didn’t appreciate it when you’re late
>But it’s whatever; he’ll mostly be preoccupied tallying the total amount of merchandise lost yesterday to shoplifting, as he does every morning
>As you begin to finish breakfast, you notice that a white object is lying near the mail slit on your apartment door
>You trot over, swiftly picking up the offending piece, which turns out to be the day’s newspaper
>Throwing it on the table, you unfold it, curious to see what the big story is
>But as soon as your sharp, blue eyes hit the headline, you pause for a moment
>’Police Stallions under investigation into possible murder of Battie Gray’
>Who the hell is Battie Gray?
>Skimming the article a bit, you come to find that it was just some bat who got uppity with the police and died in custody
>Not surprising, the urban nocturnal population has always been giving the police problems
>Shrugging it off, you gather your saddle bags and head out the door, determined to make it to work on time, stepping off onto the sidewalk after descending the apartment stairs
>Your name is Gar Iceon, and this is day 1 of your ordeal
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