Odd happenings have been occurring around your farm. Can you keep your family safe as the world gets weirder and weirder?
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Mendacity CYOA

>The warm and buttery scent wafting into your room lulls you from your last dregs of slumber.
>Celestias sun has not yet risen out your window, but that is not abnormal for the life of a farm pony.
>Often times you find yourself out and about long before the sun crests the horizon and this late fall morning will be no exception.
>Shaking the last of the cobwebs away, you pull yourself free from the warm embrace of your bed.
>Your wife's spot is empty beside you but that to is normal, you will never understand where she finds the energy to awaken at a Tartarus forsaken hour.
>Crossing the hall to the washroom you note that your daughters bedroom door is still shut, the faint glow of her nightlight can be seen emanating through the gap beneath her door.
>splashing some water on your face you soon find yourself standing in the hall, to your left is your office, daughters bedroom, quest room and the attic stairwell. To your right is the stairwell heading downstairs to the sweet smell of breakfast and the siren song of a boiling kettle.


Welcome to Mendacity, my first attempt at foraying into the world of CYOAs. My hope is to be able to deliver a passable horror/mystery quest that will be a credit to the spoopiness of the month of October. That said, this IS my very first quest so all comments and criticisms are welcome to be voiced here or in one of the CYOA generals.
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