You are a nurse in a frontier town trying to keep everypony alive no matter what curses or poisons they get into.
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!!o6pLegCWGxH 2016-12-17 06:36:07 No. 29081211
>"Primum non nocere"...First do no harm.
>That's one of the few things you've remembered since foalhood.
>Medicine always interested you. Whether to help others or to simply figure out the puzzle that

is a sick pony is a question for another time.
>You even know the whole Hoofocratic Oath!

>Respect the physicians before you, and share your knowledge with the ones after you
>Do whatever is necesary to help the sick
>Be nice
>Don't be arrogant
>Don't blab about patients
>Patients have feelings too
>Prevention is better than cure
>Helping the healthy is important too

> think that's the gist of it, at least. You didn't really have any chance at medical school where you came from, but you did have books. One in particular has been with you for years.

>You're doing what you can, though!
>Apprenticing under a real doctor in a real clinic, owned by an old unicorn named Bitter Pill. Its no formal education, but having a teacher is the next best thing.

>And hey, in a place like Anima, they need all the extra medical help they can get.
>Built atop an island in the middle of a river, on the frontier of two nations, Equestria and Griffin.
>The river bring trade, the central island makes for fertile farmland, and the trees growing along the banks make for decent logging. Just as well, because there isn't too much else once you get out far enough.
>Mountains to the north on one side of the river, dense forests on the other. The ocean lies to the south, far down the river, and rocky plains cover the rest. There's a lake though! But its pretty empty.

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